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Posted on 2005.07.08 at 05:12
Current Mood: nocturnal apparently
Current Music: Monochrome ~Troy, Yoko Kanno
I guess I was more upset about the events of yesterday than I thought. I completely threw myself into drawing despite a headache and drowsy pull of my body. I have a new picture now though. It was more than a little frustrating as the origional idea was to have their younger selves above them...as if they were thinking about the past, but NOOO, I can't judge the edge of paper. But then there was this smudgy mark there because I tried to put them there. So I had to put SOMEthing there. I just hope it doesn't look too stupid. I guess I could go in and erase it in paint or something if it bothers me later. The title is along the side and is from the song Ano Yume no Mukou he. It's after five in the morning and I've not slept...WHY am I contemplating drawing another image?? Maybe I should just put the couple of others I have online and be done with it. Then again, I don't really feel like editing html. I need a better house for my stuff too. My little site isn't hackin' it anymore. I'm open to suggestions. I suppose I could redo the design, but that requires redoing html and css and frankly...I don't want to fight different browsers and platforms right now. I guess that can be my task tomorrow...find a home for my stuff or redo the one I've got. The red just isn't the right color anymore. I didn't actually link this page to my site as I am too lazy. :P But if you want to see:

If you haven't seen the end of Fullmetal Alchemist or any of the upcoming movie pics, there is a chance you may not want to look. I just don't want to be responsible for ruining it for anyone; it's nothing too bad, but consider yourself warned.


In other news, the soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is quite good. Not that I was surprised, but it was nice to get what I expected for once. ^_^


(Anonymous) at 2005-07-09 07:09 (UTC) (Link)

hey its btchenbernie

hahaha...you're like me. We leave crumbs of ourselves everywhere. yeah, insomnia can cause scary things to happen...multiple personality, anyone?

ugh...livejournal is wacky...can't comprehend this openid bullshit. oh well, xanga isn't too bad. can't wait for a free blog that has all the cracks and whips of all these free blogs. then I'll be a happy gal.
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