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warui yume

Posted on 2005.07.07 at 22:14
Current Music: Ano Yume no Mukou he (Al)
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If they pass the law in congress banning flag burning, then what happens to the flag when it is too torn and tattered? Well, the law says it is to be burned when it is no longer suitable for display. And then to say those who died in Septermber 11th would not want it burned...and in the words of John Stewart: Did you ask them? Cuz I don't think you did. If you did, I think they would have said they wanted the support that was promised. And then the republicans and their needing votes so much any old pornographer will do...*sigh* It is the reason I watch The Daily Show.

On a completely different note, that was just what I needed after last night and this morning. Unfortunately I had nightmares last night. Repeatedly. When I finally got up out of bed and went online, I saw that England had been attacked. More lives lost, more suffering, and another opportunity for the media to create a frenzy of images to post all over the place for children to see. God the media pisses me off. And of course, they bring up September 11th...but when the United States expressed its grievances to England and has to say that we know what they feel like because we have been through it. And then we wonder why people see us as arrogant!? Are the people in office that stupid, truly that arrogant, or do they just not care? When someone is in pain, you DON'T go and immediately say I'm sorry, I know how you feel because I've been through it. You listen, you support, you wait...when the time is APPROPRIATE--if ever, then you say that. Most the time even if you do understand and can empathize, you don't say that. Saying you can empathize isn't empathy.

And how many people know of the quakes still happening in the Indian Ocean? I swear all that's on the news is either about Aruba or some tormented soul on trial. It's like everyone is only looking at the bad. I just don't understand it. The only thing I understand less is how all this--stuff keeps happening. How can you look at another human being and totally loose your humanity? I just don't understand. People should cherish each other, not hate. Life is so precious and so fragile. I'm reminded of that every time I look at my brother. Perhaps the only thing more fragile than life is the hope and happiness that should come with it.

Oh...and if that was how the series of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ends...someone will pay. I just got into that series so I need to look that up. At least I have something semi-constructive to do now.

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