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My demented Mind

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:33
Wow. So I just got inspired to write...so I start typing it out and I realized just how fucked up my brain is. Talk about some dark corners in there...damn. I guess I just didn't realize how messed up it was. Should be an interesting story when it's done though. *shakes head* Maybe it is the music: Dante by Ooshima Michiru from Fullmetal Alchemist. It started out innocently enough with a girl chipping caked mud off her boots and then went to people being torn apart to the point where they don't look human. Lack of sleep can be a bad thing maybe... If anyone wants to read what I have so far, let me know. Feedback is always a good thing. Here's a small bit from a different part of the story:

She sighed as she sat down on the makeshift cot. "Stupid advisor. Stupid brother. Stupid king." She reached for the lamp and stopped, looking at her hand.

~~~ "Sister! Sister!"

"Shh, I’m here. What is it."

"It’s so dark." He clung to her as if she was the only thing keeping him alive. In some ways, she was. "I wish mom was here. She always brought light when I was scared."

She looked at her little brother. Just seven years old and already he had seen more than most men in war. Her brain searched for a way to calm him and finally she found what she sought. "Well, that’s because she knew how to use the light inside herself."

"Huh?" He opened beautiful blue eyes glittering with tears in the starlight.

"Look," she commanded as she reached out her hand in front of him, her other still tightly wrapped around him. "You can see my hand, right?" He nodded. "Well, that’s because I’m using the light that mom gave us. Sometimes it just takes us a moment to get it started, but if you relax and believe, you will see it illuminating your body and then it will spread to the rest of the world around you."

Slowly, he reached out his hand to touch hers and heard his intake of breath. "Mother."~~~~

Something wet hit her hand and she blinked. The memory had faded, but the emotions hadn’t. "Such a sweet lie." She fell back onto the cot fully dressed and with the lamp still burning. Her arm shielded here eyes from the light and as she finally drifted into tormented restless sleep, she wondered if it was to hide the tears or to hide from the light.

© Kalla July 4, 2005

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