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Because I'm anxious for Hat_Sorting to sort me!

Posted on 2007.07.27 at 22:34
So after being stuck in a room of witnesses, most of whom were reading Deathly Hallows but not yet finished, and a brief discussion with my friend Mel, I have decided to give my rant another go. Especially since I could hardly keep up with my own comments, much less anyone else's.

Which means obvious major spoilers and crazy circular reasoning. You have been warned.

Okay, the first thing I'm going to address is the ending. In Harry's world mortality existed despite the magic. In fact in The Sorcerer's Stone it was even valued. So for him to cheat death seemed very out of line with the plot to me. And I refuse the excuse of "it's supposed to be a children's book" because 1. it's themes are not for children and 2. Le Petit Prince is also a "children's book" and Antoine de Saint-Exupery did not wuss out on his ending. In fact, it made more of impact to stop where he did.

Right, so I was thinking of all the people who are anti-Harry and anyone except Ginny or Hermione and I realized something. Harry can't be paired with a guy, but no comments are made about the obvious incest in the wizarding family trees. If it doesn't branch... I'm not saying there is evidence for a male-male pairing for Harry or not, I'm just saying those who so strongly oppose it usually miss that royal detail.

What next, oh yes. Ginny. First of all I don't see her as a mother figure at all. I found her character to be very strong, almost masculine, and rather darkened by her experience with Riddle. And yet all the sudden she's happy and soft and mommy. No. Just as my friend Mel pointed out, Hermione would not just graciously let her children wander off onto the express without fussing over them.

Also, the fact that so little is told of the aftermath makes me think only one think: she was just too lazy to write it and the book was too long to continue. If this was the case she should have 1. just made it longer or 2. stopped rather than try to give it an "ending" with the epilogue. It was bad enough she stretched the ending from the point Harry enters the woods until the epilogue so far it was rivaling Dragon Ball Z.

Mmm, and that sorting hat. It must be awfully crispy when it's placed on the heads of new students. Oh and the Albus Severus...um no. That doesn't even sound good. Granted I liked it that Harry finally admitted Severus was brave, but that name was terribly fan-girly and retarded.

And again, the silent hill fetus twitching under the chair baffles me. Not the fetus, although I find it rather gross, but the chair. She always said it was under the chair. Why? Was it a special chair? Is there some symbology I'm missing? And although I agree nothing is really sacred anymore as far as ideas and concepts, but some of her symbology was so damned close to other stories I expected Kreacher to come up beside the locket hissing "my preciousssss." Seriously. Ok, King Arthur.

Ok, so we see Severus and Lily...we know extremely little about Severus's life as a kid which I find very sad since we know so much about some of the other characters. Secondly, we know Lily married James, yet the only time we see them together prior to Harry's birth she acts like she hates him for tormenting Severus. So...what changed? No one seems to know.

And again I return to the children's book issue. Things do not suddenly become wonderful and peaceful when they never were to start with. There was always the pull of the Dark Arts before Voldemort and likely the pull still exists for others. Yet we are led to believe that this magical yet realistic and potentially dangerous world is suddenly the most benign place in existence. That just doesn't play in with the rest of the story. Harry's life had many scars and so did the magical world. They aren't erased and forgotten so easily. And I don't think he would have named a son Albus for no matter how much he may have liked Dumbledore he was still manipulated by him.

And I still don't think Tonks would abandon Lupin's son. It just doesn't make sense. It just left so many loose ends to tie up and frankly that one wasn't even knotted. Kind of like the I'll-kick-your-ass Ginny turned I'm-so-in-love-mommy. Just no. And the bit with Draco, nothing against him but why was he the golden child? Odd. That plot didn't really go anywhere.

Mainly I just felt like the ending was a cop-out and a bad one at that. It almost left more questions than answers and didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the storyline. I'm not saying it had to be terribly tragic, but it just seemed that it was slapped together without being thoroughly thought out and then in order to fix any remaining confusion more was slapped onto the ending to try to make it appear and "feel" better. Just my two cents.

Yeah, so what happened to the Weasley brother's joke shop? In fact, what happened to all of the families that fought on either side? And the ministry? And the Muggle world? And even Dudley?


vicemage at 2007-07-28 12:45 (UTC) (Link)
I really want to reply to this one... BUT I have to pack fast. Moving sooner than I thought. ^^;; Pester me in about a week and a half though, and I'll get back and reply to this, I'd like to discuss some points with you. ^_^
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