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Posted on 2007.07.27 at 18:11
I just saw a slug on the steps. I stopped and watched it for a second, fascinated. Okay, maybe not fascinated but interested. It's been at least a good ten or so years since I had seen one in person. It's amazing what little things do for ya...

So go to a hearing, spend all morning sitting in a room waiting to be called as a witness and all so that an "agreement" can be reached without any testimony. Because I had nothing better to do with my morning. Like sleep. Ugh. Or bitch about Deathly Hallows, which...there were four or five people reading in the room at the time so I couldn't say a bloody word! Argh. hat_sorting needs to sort me....please please please. I need to know! Haha! I'm going crazy, but my project is almost done for my graduate course. Woo! And here I come ESL Masters Degree! :P

Still pissed about my assignments for next year. And pissed about the amount of preparation I will have to do to help the teacher who is taking my schools. All the more reason to really push to make the middle school situation the best I can make it.

I also signed up to be a big sister. We shall see if they select me.

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