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Harry Potter

Posted on 2007.07.18 at 18:08
Just FYI I'm going to avoid the internet for spoilers on Harry Potter. I will respond to non-HP related comments however or this thread so long as it avoids spoilers. ^_^

Let's analyze:

Harry is freakin' blind. If Snape wanted Harry dead he would have been killed several times over. And Snape told him he curses like the cruciatus are not for him. Hmm...protecting the innocent? (Screw Canon!) I think so. He protected Malfoy from taking a step along a path he couldn't come back from. Dumbledore pleading with him...for what? To prevent Malfoy from taking that step?

And honestly, Dumbledore knew what Malfoy was up to, surly not just because of Harry. He seemed to know what was going to happen and I sincerely doubt it was Trelawney's expertise that brought him to this insight.

And why the hell didn't Harry say something to Dumbledore's portrait? Or even think of it? If the other headmasters can speak surely he can. I mean he noticed the portrait...hello? Phineas sure as hell was vocal several times around Harry. And speaking of which, what happened to the pensieve? Will McGonagall find it with the memories? Surly there might be memories especially regarding Snape that Harry might want to see? Idiot boy, bless him. Dammit. (Screw Canon!)

Speaking of his quest...okay. I'm convinced it's Sirius's brother who has/had the locket if it isn't already destroyed. Perhaps it will be found by Kreacher or Mundungus? So diary is gone, ring is gone, locket is whatever. That leaves the goblet (if it in fact IS a horcrux), Nagini, and Ravenclaw's something. I'm quite convinced that Harry will have to at least return to Hogwarts to finish his quest, especially since Dumbledore seemed to make it a point of how much Riddle liked Hogwarts and wanted to stay there. I can't believe the chamber of secrets is the only thing he left behind for Hogwarts.

And if this book ends in a "Harry must sacrifice himself to save and purify Voldemort's soul to destroy him" or "Harry and Ginny run off happily forever" I'm throwing the book across the room and refusing to see such a lame ending. Frankly, Harry deserves better. (Screw Canon!)

The whole point of Ginny was to show how Harry's character had changed and his resolve I think. And I'm not convinced that Ginny doesn't have a good deal of Slytherin in her, much more so than Harry. There is something almost evil about her. (Screw Canon!)

And if Harry dies to save Voldemort's dumb ass, well that's just lame. First, it would mean that Harry had learned absolutely NOTHING from those who have protected him. People don't protect you so you can die. And I'll be more than a little miffed if Snape sacrifices himself for Harry. Although I'm afraid that is what will happen. That or Harry will kill Snape and, dying in Harry's arms, reveals that he truly is on Dumbledor and Harry's side. How many times has he saved Harry's life? He has more than repaid James Potter back and I can't believe that someone who would vow to protect Malfoy from his mother's tears has no heart. Likewise, he prevented Harry from trying to curse him and I hardly think it's just to avoid the curse. (Screw Canon!)

Buuuuut....I'm open to suggestions and thoughts, although after this weekend I suppose all shall be answered. If she doesn't leave it open, which is entirely likely. I will likely post my ranting thoughts afterwards. OH, and if it hasn't been made abundantly clear: SCREW CANON! ^_^

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