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Online Shopping

Posted on 2007.07.08 at 17:24
HOLY Fuck. Is it that difficult google? Pleated. P-l-e-a-t-e-d. I need a damn pleated GREY skirt. The only ones I can find are either for someone below the age of ten or priced over $100. Who knew how difficult finding such a simple, what I thought to be a rather staple, garment could be?

Edit #1: ask.com works better.
Edit #2: when looking for a uniform type of skirt, try looking up actual school uniform suppliers and send them a message with your measurements just to make sure it will fit.

Update: I am finished. The outfit is bought. And so our my new dress shoes for this concert season. I'm going to feed my cats, get a drink and shortly pass out now I think.

Skirt: $32
Shoes: $15
Shirt: $0--thank you old Ruby Tuesday Uniform
Sweater: $29
Tie: $25
Socks: $6
Wand: $36

Experiencing putting together a cosplay outfit without having to make it myself: Fucking Frustrating as Hell.

And I realize I might have found a few of the items for a bit less, but at that point I had said fuck it and just went with what was "official." I didn't make it, but it's not a costume either. Besides, making Sakura or Miyu's outfit for the next con is going to be bad enough.

Oh and my new dress shoes are here. (black of course)

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