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Ethical?? (March 10, 2005)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:24
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Some thoughts on the ethical mindset in America:

1. We take people who make mistakes--or are just accused of them and can't afford a good lawyer--even if it is their first offense and put them in prison. Then we make it so difficult for them to get a job that most will have to return to crime just to be able to survive, much less support a family.

2. We allow the working lower middle class to pay high taxes, the poor to be supported by programs these taxes pay for, and the upper middle class and above special tax breaks. Why is it a single parent who can't make ends meet has to pay $1000 and a single person who makes three or four times as much gets a refund?

3. We allow blood, violence, anger, and hate in the news, the movies, games, even our own words, but when it comes to sex or nudity we suddenly make it secretive and bad. As if there is something terribly wrong about the human body or sex when it is part of the fundamental make up of each of us. We glorify the violence and taint the sex so the children grow up with irrational and unrealistic views on sex and feel that it is somehow dirty. But it's ok to blow someone's brains out because they made you mad.

4. We keep saying how terrible this or that is, but sit back and watch someone else try to fix it. We just bitch and moan but don't do a damned thing to help it. We talk about how can people just let children starve in Africa and when the old woman drops her packages on the sidewalk we curse at her as we trip over her boxes and continue on our way.

5. We are more concerned with cutting someone off so we're not five minutes late and then when we get to work we find ten things other to do than get started on work.

6. We feel the need to express our anger at each other in front of children...be it in the family or simply cuz that moron cut you off again. When will we realize that we are our children's greatest teacher?

7. We send students to school expecting teachers to teach, then don't support them in their discipline--refusing to believe that it is MY child that might misbehave. Then we don't follow up making sure our kids do their homework. We want to have fun with our kids, not make them work. Then we blame the teachers for their lack of success.

8. We spend so much time blaming others for why things are the way they are that we never really get around to fixing them. We never take the effort to actually fix the problems, we just treat the symptom so it doesn't seem as bad. We mandate new programs to make things better--usually without funding or training, and then the problem seems to disappear. Until a few years later when we find it's still there and the quick fix didn't work. So what do we do? Find another quick fix.

9. When we do something for someone, we expect something in return. We also assume that others are as selfish. Nothing is for free. We make certain we keep tabs on each other so that no one can show each other up, rather than simply just helping each other and living happily together.

10. We are so quick to fix our neighbours problems. We know exactly what they should do, but when it comes to us no one understands. We are incapable of putting ourselves into someone else's position and truly FEELING what it is like. And what is more important, we don't care to.

11. We have forgotten what it is like to truly cry...and to truly laugh.

12. We only see the end result. What matters is that my children have money or I have this DVD or I get this paper done. We don't stop to enjoy the learning and growing in life as we get there. We don't even step outside to get in our car and stop to listen to the silence and feel the wind against our skin on a cloudy autumn day. We have forgotten what life is about.

13. We are quick to put down others to pull ourselves up. Readily do we point out faults in others, but become defensive and argue on our behalf when we are at fault.

14. We are unwilling to deviate from the norm or rules even when it is clearly the most humane thing to do. We are so full of self importance that we have forgotten that there is NOTHING more important than helping others. Rules are made as guidlines, but nothing is black and white. There are always exceptions and circumstances. A tree that will not bend with the wind will eventually break.

15. Some things are more important than your latte or your job. Even if you loose your job, can't pay your bills, or have cancer...you still have this moment. You can live your life with no regrets and surround yourself with those you love and share your love with them. Once you let go of the tangible of this world, nothing can hurt you for you have found true happiness.

16. We are always waiting for someone else to fix our lives, rather than accepting the fact that only we can fix it. We are waiting for someone to heal us, when only we can heal ourselves. We are waiting for someone to save us, when only we can save ourselves. We quickly cast off responsibility, leaving it for someone else. We say we want help and go to a psychologist or other confidant, but then we do not ever take responsibility for our own actions and thoughts. We are convinced we are the victim and build walls of ego around our hearts to protect the victim from healing.

17. We have lost sight of the fact that everything in the world is connected. What happens to one happens to all, even if it is plant, animal, the ocean, etc. It starts at your thoughts, for they become your reality. Everything begins with your perspective on life and the world. How do you see it?

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