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saving the world

Posted on 2006.12.02 at 00:49
Current Music: ruthless ~tsubasa chronicles, Yuki Kajiura
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Why does the only copy I have of Jesus Christ Superstar have to have people more interested in hearing their own voice instead of a decent performance? -_-

Bought a prep book for the wonderful GRE. Can't wait to take that test...ohhhh yeah. Oh and I bought a few more winter outfits as I noticed some new holes in my current attire this week. (It's bad when your students point out the holes in your clothes.)

And just to save space: I was thinking about religions and spiritual perspectives and such today. The idea that you come here to "save" people. I'm not sure I believe that. A person cannot be "saved" unless they want to be "saved." No one has the power to save, to change, another spirit. The seed is within all of us for light or dark, but which is expressed in our lives is by our own design.

Likewise, and I say this as an empath, no one truly understands another's pain. Not until you have lived that person's life with that person's spirit could you hope to understand. Even if you have suffered the "same" tragedy, it is not truly the same. People who say otherwise not only do not understand the meaning of empath, they are flat out full of themselves.

This world is so full of people who claim to know, to feel, to save, and to understand. So many liars. Many are drawn to these people in hopes of salvation, meaning, a sense of belonging, or for ego. So many fools. They place their hope in the unattainable only to continue feeding their attachment to that promise. A mentor used to tell me I couldn't save the world. Now I think I truly understand what he meant.

I have decided a story from Tokyo Babylon sums up my feelings.

"...you don't understand anybody's pain. Even though you pretend to. There's no way you can save anyone!"

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