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Please Wake Up (February 28, 2005)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:22
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People need to wake up! I am so tired of hearing what is going on in this country and in the world. Let me begin with the children. First off, you take the underadvantaged kids and since they aren't achieving as high as those born into a more stable lifestyle, you take money away from them. Then you tell their teachers if they don't get the scores up, they will lose their job. But, they have to fill out more paperwork to PROVE they are teaching you ALL the standards, even if they aren't on those tests that are so important. Oh yeah, standardized testing has been proven over and over to be an absolutely TERRIBLE way to determine success and understanding. Now, these schools--who by the way, don't even have enough money for a class set of dictionaries for each class--have overworked teachers, children who are raising themselves, and less money than their counterparts. Top this off with a teacher salary that prevents most people from even considering the profession and sends those who attempt it running for a career as a cashier just to make ends meet. To give you an idea...we go into debt like anyone else and then start making about the same as an adult with no college education that has a decent secretarial job. After about 30 years of experiences, countless classes and workshops that we are required to go to stay "highly qualified" but must pay for out of our own pocket, we reach the point where we would become slightly competitive with someone we graduated with's entry salary. Oh yeah, and there's a teacher shortage. So that's the United States view on education. Since children are the future, what kind of a future do YOU see?

This is the future we are headed towards. In this state, books are being banned. Why? Because they present information that isn't "suitable" for high school students. Books like the Color Purple. Books that accurately depict how the world was during a period in history. Now, rather than simply tell the teacher that you don't want the student to read the book and the teacher give them an alternative, they are fighting to ban the books from the library. Do they really fear their children's actions that much? Not so far away, they are fighting once again to get evolution--which is scientifically true at this point in time--out of the science books and present creationism instead. -_- Science is based upon the search for proveable truth, which evolution is and creationism isn't. Evolution doesn't say there is no god, it simply states what is scientific fact at this point. If you want to be that literal, every single thing we teach could change in the future thus it should be taught as theory. Kids don't grasp theories too well when they have no foundation. Then again, the people pushing this issue know nothing about educating children in most cases. Then comes the guy who wants the name of every teenage girl in the state who's had an abortion. Now...let's think about this...

There are many scenarios...1. Oops. 2. Rape. 3. Needs to learn self control. 4. Life threatened by birth. 5. Something else. Regardless of the reason...if I had a 14 year old girl I sure as hell wouldn't want some psycho self riteous person calling to talk to MY CHILD about what is right and wrong. He would not know the reasons or situation, but would set her straight, huh? Now, if he has her name and number, he can find my home and all my family information. Isn't that an invasion of privacy?? Isn't that dangerous, even if he personally doesn't go off the deep end and decide to harass my family or worse, someone else could find out and do so?? Shouldn't we be concerned with dealing with each person individually rather than a mass bitch at session? I couldn't believe it when I found out about this. I've never had an abortion. I don't think it's the best decision in most cases. I feel for the most part it is morally wrong. However, I strongly feel it is not MY place to judge other people and tell them right from wrong. I also strongly feel it is against MY or anyone else's rights to give out this information. Aren't telemarketers bad enough? I mean, they're even automated now, you can't even tell them to not call back.

So now we reach adulthood. Supposedly we are grown up. Supposedly we are mature and functioning individuals of society. What now? I know, let's give up all our constitutional rights so that we can maintain an illusion of safety. YES!! Stupid. Safety, as much as we need to feel secure, is an illusion. Anything can happen and it can happen to you. Giving up your rights only makes your life unbearable if--god forbid--shit happens to you. People who so readily give up their rights do not deserve them. Let's tap our phones so we protect ourselves from terrorists...that's fine until you are angry and say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get put in jail. Let's make all medical files open to public...that's fine until someone starts harassing your child because of an illness or disability. Wait until you or someone you loved makes a mistake...because here's the thing; you don't have to know the law to break it. You don't have to be read your rights to have them taken away. You don't have to know you committed a crime to be convicted of it. Anyone who thinks differently really needs to learn the laws before you get screwed.

Are people really this blind? They are so scared of an outside attack--be it terrorist, neighbor, etc. that they are actually willing to give up their rights as a human being so that someone will tell them it will be ok. After all, they can tap our phones, open medical files, do psychological profiles out the wazoo, make "criminals" pay dearly for their mistakes, but in the end you will still have serial killers, rapists, terrorists, and the like. People always think it will never happen to them...until it does. Do you really not see cause and effect?? Did that leave that part out in school so you could score high enough on your SRI's (a reading test) to keep your school off of improvement? Were you raised in a pristine glass house where everything was perfect and the world was beautiful and untainted by reality?? Did you never say a hateful word to your friend only to find out later they said something bad about you in revenge? Did you never stick your hand on the stove knowing it would burn only to regret it later because it still hurt? Have you never done anything in the past that has affected your future?? When I look at the world this is the conclusion I am left with. We are so busy worrying about ourselves we don't care what happens as long as it doesn't happen to ME. As long as I can go out and party, I don't even care what it does to my child's future. As long as I have my air conditioning, my nice SUV, my nice home in a "crime-free" area, my beautiful things, I don't care what it does to the WORLD. As long as my kids get good grades and don't learn about the way life REALLY is, I don't care if they actually learn anything useful. God, I am so bloody sick of things. This country is really bad about it.

Here's a thought: your actions--good or bad--affect every single living being on this planet--for better or worse. How are you leaving this world after you die? What are YOU teaching your kids because after all, in a couple of years you will have to teach them everything anyway because the teachers just can't get it right. Imagine a world where all the children are sheltered from what life is really like. They don't know hardship on any level. They are completely equal. They only learn what is wholesome. Deviation is not allowed, accepted or tolerated. They learn to think just like they are supposed to. Now, jump 30-40 years into the future. Look at the world that creates... There is no creativity for it is not tolerated. If you make a mistake in life, sorry, you fucked up. No one really cares that your life is basically over because the laws are so strict. You knew you had to be like "they" wanted you to be. It was all your choice anyway, your own actions but you never learned that because learning what was not wholesome was not tolerated. Thus the children who were not allowed to make mistakes never learned how to handle a mistake nor how to interact with each other when a mistake was made. These children cannot communicate effectively with others in the world because deviation and diversity was frowned upon. The thought that someone else might see things differently is alien and obscene. All the books and history and science fits only into what is wholesome thought and the few theories that remain are laughable. You fall into society exactly where you were supposed to...your life is all planned out because that is how it was meant to be.

Scary?? It damn well should be. Possible?? That's where we're headed. Why am I writing this?? Because I have a challenge for the people in America and all over the World. I want you to open up your hearts and minds and see what is really going on. Don't just sit back and say it won't happen to you or it doesn't apply or that you know better. If you are content to do that, you are a lazy ass who is holding this whole world back from becoming the beautiful wonderful place where children can grow and thrive that you claim to wish for. Get out there and learn what is going on in your area. Then your state or province, then your country then your continent or geographical region, then the world. Speak out. I'll put it this way...if you don't speak out to help those who need it now, when it comes turn for you to need help there will be no one left to speak up with you. This world is being imprisoned by selfish self riteous advocates that only speak lies from their forked tongues while proclaiming it is the will of a higher power and necessary to help the world heal and grow. There is no love in anger. There is no love in cowardice. There is no love in selfishness. Stand up and speak your mind, even if your knees buckle and your voice cracks. You will be stronger for it and you will start to understand what it means to really live. Too long have the people slumbered and let those who wanted to twist the world to their whims take hold. Don't turn another blind eye or soon there won't be a world to avoid. Don't take my word for it however...go look, go learn...before the children really do lose the light from their lives--which for some is all they have.

The choice is yours...leave this world a better place or help its deterioration.

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