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Inner Light

Posted on 2006.11.19 at 23:50
Current Music: Running Up That Hill ~Placebo
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An inner light that shines so bright it burns, searing away all residue to leave only the truth. She falls to her knees in tears, hands clawing at the earth as if it can turn back time. Wordless questions are always answered in silence. Is it a battle in front of us or merely one from within? Where have we been and where are we going? Who I am is the simplest question and perhaps the most insignificant.

Each of us searching for ourselves, trying to find our heart in the eyes of another. What if the eyes we see in our heart are only to be seen in spirit? We seek to define ourself, to put meaning into our life, through others but what if the only meaning comes from within? What if perception was the root of all that is evil and dark?

What if the other part of yourself was with you, a part of you, and has never really left your side? Just standing back and watching, supporting from the shadows of your vision. As energy overflows from your palms and you reach again to the ground, can you finally feel the connection? Have our hearts truly lost sight of the truth?

Is it you that I feel, or is it me wanting to feel? Is a ghost no more than a memory and is that memory from this life? Thoughts that only remain ideas are useless. As I feel the water surround me, it is such a beautiful sight. Drowning in my own storm of emotions and releasing the past. Does it matter to fulfill a purpose if one is unhappy?

And she opens her eyes and the light shines forth, illuminating the darkness around her. The shadows scurry about, but perhaps even the shadows wish to touch the light. Is it better to burn strongly, or to light the flame in others to find their own strength? What sort of light is within me, and how does it shine upon this world?

Grains of dirt fall back to the earth as the sands of time pass away. Looking back, she moves forward. The past is a memory on the wind; a ghost of a shadow. Emotions locked deep within her heart, waiting to be freed by the one to answer her solitude. She blinks slowly, and moves another step. A sad smile graces her lips as she fights again to change.

And I can feel your grip, your touch, within my own hands.

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