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Not that those who need to read this actually frequent my journal...

Posted on 2006.10.30 at 00:43
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* Being Indigo is not a justification, excuse, reason, rationale, or otherwise lifestyle of set way of dealing with the world.

* Saying you are Indigo or fitting a list of traits does not make you Indigo. Likewise, saying you are spiritually aware and speaking/reading in communities created for spirituality does not make you spiritually aware.

* Being Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or other similar soulgroup is not a static level of development unless you limit yourself to such.

* Each soulgroup has a purpose beyond simply coming to exist. People do not ascend just by existing.

* People who use such labels to explain, excuse, rationalize, or justify their behavior or lifestyle are not very enlightened, not very aware of themselves, and very unaware of the world(s) around them.

* Life is something you create, not something that happens to you.

* Ego is not the path to enlightenment. Nor is being lazy, dense, or otherwise slothful. Ego will seek to keep itself in place of your awareness unless you actively push it out.

* Ego will convince you that your views are better than everyone else's and cloud your own heart so you can no longer feel what is true.

* You cannot reason with unwilling stupid. Trying to do so only perpetuates the cycle of ego and stupid.

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