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kon shuu (February 6, 2005)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:20
Random thoughts and observations of the past week:

1. people are so lazy they will walk around until they find someone else to ask to do their work in the time it would have taken them to just do it themselves.

2. life is very fragile and precious, yet the will to live is strong. My cousin and his wife are new parents to a baby girl...she weighs 1 pound but is breathing on her own and doing well.

3. people are sometimes just plain assholes...unfortunately in the past two days I've met my quota for the year on assholes, so please go to a different resturant.

4. sometimes even if it seems like someone isn't getting anything out of your class, they are getting something. I had a child give me his book to staple music into and in the back where the CD's are supposed to be he had replaced them with pictures of his father who died last year.

5. everyone needs encouragement no matter how much they may seem like they don't.

6. sometimes you just have to get emotions out of your system or you'll explode.

7. you never know what type of life the person next to you leads or what difficulties they may have had before running into you.

8. having a warm, caring personality makes any problem easier. Freaking out never helps.

9. ever wonder what babies are looking at when they stare at you and follow you each time you walk by, even if they were crying at first?

10. being healthy is a good thing. Losing weight would be nice, but being healthy may be the main reason I have avoided major illnesses this year. *knocks on wood*

11. sometimes people are just plain nice...like the guy at wal-mart who helped my mom and I get this VERY heavy wooden armoir into the truck. He didn't have any wal-mart stuff on, and he left right after we got it in the truck, so I have no idea if he even worked there and was off work, or was a customer leaving. His help was greatly appreciated however.

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