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A Teacher's Touch

Posted on 2006.08.30 at 23:52
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These hands are not strong enough
To withstand the pull of time.

These hands they are not large enough
To grasp the hands of so many others.

These hands are not warm enough
To heal the wounds I feel around me.

These hands are not fast enough
To prevent futher pain and sorrow.

These hands are not gentle enough
To soothe them to sleep.

These hands are not powerful enough
To change all that needs to be changed.

These hands are not bright enough
To chase away the darkness.

These hands are not light enough
To show only laughter.

Tell me, what use are hands
whose grip is weak?
whose light is dimmed?
whose use is limited?
whose purpose is lost?

Tell me, what use are hands
when there is so much pain?
when there is so much anger?
when there is so much hate?

Tell me, what use is love when the requirements to give it leave the soul empty and frustrated?

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