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Don't drink Cranberry juice right after you brush your teeth...

Posted on 2006.07.28 at 02:47
Nightmares about terrorism in Japan. Nightmares of knowing what happened to the victim without finding her body. Fear knowing that they had escaped even though the authorities had many surrounded as the consulate tried to sneak us out.

I am fucked up. My body must think it's time to flush itself out and yet I can't seem to sleep. A few issues with blood sugar as well. Add to this my spiritual searching and such and it equals and rather disgruntled kalla.

I even complained to a friend who has enough on her plate tonight. It was very selfish of me. Things could be so much worse. I just feel so off. But it's still not an excuse. I simply acted selfishly and I regret it.

A healer tried to help me, and she did help some. I'm not sure if she tried to send me healing or if that was one of my guides though. Regardless I have two new research topics: Karuna ki reiki and pranic healing. She said what I did sounded like pranic healing but it also sounded like I had been given an attunement. I will look at the symbols there and see if they feel more familiar to me. Aside from that, I don't think she understands what I was saying but she is a healer and not a medium. I appreciate her time greatly as she stayed up late even asking a friend of hers for advice as well.

And yet, I am still lost.

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