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Energy Headache

Posted on 2006.07.24 at 01:29
If myspace wasn't being a little bitch I would post this there. As it is, I will probably move it or at least x-post it there once it works again.

So one of my big pushes has been to study more into healing and energywork. I have a very basic understanding of energy and healing and have only really done colors and balls of energy. I have seen a few explanations of reiki, but that's about it.

A few times I have had them place characters on my hands and forehead. They are difficult to describe and the closest I can come is kanji. However, they are not the traditional reiki symbols so I don't really know what they are for or what they represent. This happened again recently which is why I have been trying to find out more about reiki and other energywork.

My friend had a headache tonight and I was having him drink water and break deeply and envision blue that he was breathing in, etc. Then I said let me try something. I imagined his head and took my hands on either side of it. It was like I could see chords of energy and they were knotted, so I coaxed them free and then they began to flow. Then I moved down into his neck and shoulders a bit before he responded.

He said he had a really strong tingling sensation in his head. He then said he also felt it a little along his neck and shoulders. I was so excited I stopped what I was doing and started typing. I couldn't believe something like this actually worked as I've never tried it before. Things seemed to help his headache and it answered a question for me.

Now the question is are those symbols related to healing, what type of healing was that, and can I do it again?

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