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The Farm

Posted on 2006.07.23 at 15:53
Being on my father's farm was actually fun. It was good to feel my hands in the earth and be around things that grow. I cannot really grow much at the moment...just keeping bamboo alive is difficult with my schedule. I also realized one trait I like about my father is his desire to impart knowledge and pass it on. It is perhaps a similarity my mother saw between him and her father a long time ago. Sadly it was not one I often saw as a child save in a few happy snapshot glimpses that I have not blocked out. It was also nice to talk to his "wife." They are not technically married, but that is all it is--a technicality that she just doesn't feel the need to spend money on. He has changed a lot from who I knew as a child not because he is different, but because he has started to embrace who he truly is. At least I might know him as an adult differently than I knew him as a child.

The farm itself was quite beautiful. I loved the sunrise with the mist on the fields and seeing the stars and planets so clearly at night. It's almost like it's untouched by industrial development. They still have the tractors and cars and such, but if you look at the skyline you can easily forget that. I picked my own food and even brought some home with me. (Corn, green beans, bell peppers, salsa peppers, and potatos. Nothing can replace the taste and quality of truly fresh food.

On a different note, this issues with spirituality is not resolving and I am feeling an even bigger push to go study. It is unfortunately that I will soon become busy again with school and teaching and will have little time to ponder this. Perhaps that is why they are pushing me towards it so strongly now. I'm going through another one of those no sleeping periods...hopefully it won't last long.

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