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Life Thoughts (September 12, 2004)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:09
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There is so much pain I see in the eyes of those around me. Desparately clinging to their pain in hopes that it will make them feel alive without realizing that it is killing them. Look at the children now, the younger ones, their eyes so full of hope and joy and love...but if you teach them to hold the pain you will destroy that. From what I see, children need as much love and harmony as they can or they turn inwards with devastating effects. People have lost sight that what they say and do and even THINK affects those around them. If more people were conscious of the responsibility they truly had in this world, it could be a very different place. But that requires people to WAKE UP and take on the responsbility that has always been there.

It feels like people have lost the light within and have started to look for it outside. All they have to realize is that the light is still within as always, just they lost the ability to see it. If we open up our hearts we can see it quite clearly. In fact, we will feel it fueling each emotion, intention and thought. We will find that feeling of being alive that we have been searching for for so long...it's inside us, we just have to accept it and let go of the negativity that's been hiding that light.

There is so much beauty in this world, yet so many wish to destroy it. Recently, I was watching Yu Yu Hakusho and the current episodes were about one who lost his faith in humanity after seeing what terrible acts humans could commit. But humans are capable of so much love... Look into the faces of those around you and see. I wish so much that I could share with others what I see when I look around. So many people are so busy trying to live that they don't realize they are in a race to die. People shouldn't race to get older, to retire, to have kids or grandkids...just enjoy each moment as it happens for all it's worth. Take the time to feel the wind on your face, to sing out with the radio and your windows down, to feel the sun's warm light on your skin or to listen to the birds' laughter. Don't fill every free moment you have with something you need to get done...you will make them time to get it done, but will you make the time to live?

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