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I am really bored

Posted on 2006.07.05 at 02:53
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This forum has a thread on abortion. I am sick of seeing it posted that legalizing abortion will mean there will be a sudden increase in them. That women will feel less responsibility and have sex more freely. They sometimes cite that the Roe vs. Wade Decision caused a huge increase. Here is my frustrated response to these people as I'm sick of them avoiding the points people make. (Not that they will actually try to answer my questions, but here's to trying.) Last time I checked, abortion wasn't illegal so I don't know why they are acting like there's going to be some huge change if it...stays legal? o_O

Speeding is illegal too, does that stop most people from speeding? They tried to make alcohol illegal and that didn't go over too well either. And what changes if it is legalized? There will still be people protesting, so how is it any different than what is going on in this moment?

Do laws control your thoughts? Do laws make people more responsible? Or are laws reflections from how we grow up and are raised/taught?

Case in point: Take a woman who is speeding. She gets caught and issued a ticket. She goes in and pays twice the fine and has it removed from her record so no insurance increase, no violation, etc. Later she stupidly has unprotected sex and gets pregnant. What have the other lessons in her life taught her? Have they taught her to take responsibility, or have they taught her there is always an easy way out if you have enough money? It's a butchered example, but ask yourself this question.

Are people's behaviors based upon the laws that are created, or the respect they have for those laws?

(In regards to a sudden increase after this decision) After Roe vs. Wade, they actually kept track of the abortions women had in clinics. It doesn't mean there was an actual increase in abortions, it means there was an increase in KNOWN abortions. Child abuse wasn't reported either. Doesn't mean it wasn't occurring in great numbers, it just means it wasn't reported. Likewise, there was no increase in child abuse just an increase in reported and known cases.

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