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Pretty Sky-flowers

Posted on 2006.07.05 at 02:21
Tonight I saw fireworks for the first time in four years. They set them off at intermission. I briefly felt like a child. Gasping at the sound and sight, smiling despite the uncomfortable position, actually feeling the excitement of what was next. I think my favorites are the ones that shimmer as they fall, lasting longer than the rest. They look the most like stars.

And still a part of me was sad for those who will not be able to see such a sight. You do not send boys off to war and they return men; you send boys off to war and kill the boy.

I have never enjoyed fireworks, but I enjoyed these. I felt free and alive. I realized that even despite all I see that I dislike I truly am happy with my life. I was musing while driving that money, things, people are not what makes you happy; who you are is happiness.

2:30 am and I won't be in bed before 3:30. Tomorrow is going to kick my ass opening bar at 10.

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