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Tequila Rain

Posted on 2006.07.04 at 03:06
There is such a thing as too much tequila too fast. Ugh. I really only wanted wine, but they had this special on 1800 and margarita mix, so I just got it. It was a good buy, but now it's time to try to avoid any unpleasant sensations that may come from drinking it too fast. I wanted to get to bed though and sleep through the fireworks. Ah well...

Needless to say I'm not updating the story notes tonight. Probably tomorrow though unless I work in the morning. The ideas are half there...forming. I really need to go back through and start filling in the missing pieces and all of the sub plots. I have the main outline of the major plot, but the rest is still filed in my head. Funny what comes to you while driving.

At least I can wear my Peter Pan shirt tomorrow to the show. It's interesting because set pieces keep appearing on stage...even though this will be our FOURTH performance. Ah well, at least it's a good show; the best out of the ones this summer in my opinion. I'll actually get to see fireworks this year. The past like...four years, I have been inside on the computer or asleep. During intermission they are shooting them off, so it might actually be nice to see them again. The rain made me smile and laugh like a kid, maybe fireworks will have the same effect?

It rained!! Twice! So I'm a bit hyper as it looks like it's going to storm again. ^_^ Rain makes a happy kalla...very happy. I think I get energy from it. I would go to the gym except 1. I need to sleep now so I don't sleep when I should play and 2. weights and treadmill on a stomach full of tequila is probably not a good idea.

I never knew looking up images to make icons could be so difficult...but there's always tomorrow. ^_~

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