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Bad nightmare

Posted on 2006.06.01 at 16:34
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Just before six this morning I had a nightmare. There was a serial killer who looked vaguely like Barry from FMA, but he started chasing us. I ran into this person's house and my mom and brother ran differently. I called the 911 asking for an ambulance and cops to come explaining it was this serial killer living next door to this lady's house. I heard my mom and brother running around and screaming outside. I could even see them trying to hide and get away long enough to come into the house.

He brought them into the house with a smug look on his face saying something about an understanding. They both looked defeated and he left. I asked what had happened, thankful they were alive but terribly worried and confused as to why they were left alive. My mom said he raped them. I was sick, shocked, angry, sad, mostly sick. Somewhere I knew that he would be back to kill them, that this was only the beginning and that if he heard the sirens he would run. The ambulance took them and I went with my brother, but I felt so sickened by the dream I woke up just after what she said hit me, making the aftermath rather foggy. I couldn't sleep for nearly two hours and when I tried to I'd close my eyes and feel that same terrible feeling and see images I would rather not see, ie. details of the event.

I do not know what to make of this as typically when I have nightmares they either mean something in real life or they are just a dream. This was both. I just don't know what it meant and I wish it would leave me, but "he raped us" keeps echoing in my mind.

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