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Memorial Day

Posted on 2006.05.30 at 01:02
The images and comments about the people surviving the earthquake in Indonesia had me in tears. Then they show people on the streets of Iraq, yelling "I hate America. Go home. We don't want you here." Not that I can blame them, but the anger and pain in the man's voice nearly brought more tears to my eyes.

Then they flip to...I don't even remember who, someone probably important who I don't care about, this man talking about how we are there to give them freedom basically because we know they will want it. < sarcasm > Because we live their lives and know what they want. < /sarcasm > Then they show the troops out there still and start commenting on Iran and Iraq making a deal to secure their border.

Okay, this isn't rocket science. 1. Many Iraqi people dislike or hate us, and want us gone. 2. Iran could easily work with Iraq to try to get us out of their region or worse. 3. the region is unstable and growing more so by the day filled with anger, pain, fear, and misunderstanding/miscommunication.

Hmm...those three together to me equal WE SHOULDN'T BE THERE. But because our wonderful powers that be sent us over there and we fucked up their country, we are stuck there...basically sending very young troops to die or be scarred for life. What a wonderful leader--and not just Bush.

Meanwhile, what about the people in places like Afghanistan? Or the victims in Indonesia who are pulling their own dead realitives up from the rubble with little or not aid? We are on a mission to "free Iraq" (apparently from itself), so we can't be bothered by the devestation in countries we aren't (or have already) fucked up? Makes me wonder what my grandfather fought to protect.

Not that I don't have faith in humanity or that I would really leave before I've finished my path, but sometimes I just want to leave the planet and go home.

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