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Fucking read the post people

Posted on 2006.05.27 at 21:47
People read what the fuck someone types on a forum before you start flaming them for having an opinion. This comment was posted on a thread about is premarital sex okay. This person asked if rape was included and I responded saying I would say no as it has little to do with sex.

oh okay making sure, since some people consider it that.

i was raped when i was about 11 so 4 years ago, i was pregant and everything in my life went straight to hell, i lost the baby about 4 months after i got pregant. I wasnt really sad but I wasnt happy either

So all i ask is that you know what could or will happen.

First of all, a forum is not the place to discuss or pretend such a thing. Why you would even bring it up makes me question the validity as most rape victims hide the fact that it happened. Hopefully you are getting the help you need if it is true. I find it rather offensive that you would so easily say such a thing not knowing who could be reading this, who you are speaking to, or what types of reactions you might be evoking...then again perhaps that is why you said it in the first place.

Second, rape has nothing to do with sex before marriage. Having sex before marriage does not increase your chances of being raped, nor does it mean that you will have a negavite encounter. It is just what it is; having sex before being married. Rape is about power and it is done by a sick individual, not someone who doesn't want to wait until they are married. There is no consent in rape.

I will not delve any further into this as it is not the topic at hand; this thread is about premarital sex, not rape which is a topic that belongs in a doctor's office, not on a misc. forum thread.

Apparently the fact that I was defending people who have been raped, of which my cousin is and I was not too far behind, by commenting that posting something like this may be difficult for them to deal with when they are not expecting it in a threadwas lost. More importantly, the fact that sex before marriage does in no way correspond with rape was utterly lost on the flames of insults people threw at me for saying I doubted someone who claims that they are now over it because it was a few years agoand tosses it around as if it is only there to be used to prove a point, not a terrible thing that happened. People can be such idiots--if you disagree fine, but at least read what the hell I wrote and understand it before you post your flames.


ex_rong at 2006-05-28 02:57 (UTC) (Link)
I think they are all kids. Arguing with immature adolescents is a very frustrating issue which ends up being futile... sigh.
akiko_kalla at 2006-05-28 03:00 (UTC) (Link)
I agree, I think they are which is why I stopped after this comment. I gave it a chance to see if they understood what was going on and either I hit the nail on the head and they were lying or they are just that immature to see the point. It's just easier to release frustration if I type it up and post it, even if I delete it later. :P

I just seriously overestimated the maturity of the average forum member there I guess.
ex_rong at 2006-05-28 03:02 (UTC) (Link)
Oh Im sorry if you misunderstood me, and besides, its yr LJ, so feel free to bitch! I do it all the time (and as you shd know), so... *sheepish smile*

I was just hoping that you'll feel better but I think I phrased it wrongly.

And yes! Somehow I think the most members tat lurk at forums are realllllllly young. Or supremely volatile (thus, the flamers).

akiko_kalla at 2006-05-28 03:08 (UTC) (Link)
Oh no, you're fine. I didn't think you meant anything about my LJ. I was just referring to the forum this was posted in. I have a feeling some of those people were both young and flamers. Ah well, if they knew what yaoi or yuri was I probably would have pissed them off there too by saying it isn't anti-Jesus and wasn't a devil thing. It's amazing what people say on forums like that sometimes.
ex_rong at 2006-05-28 03:14 (UTC) (Link)
Hahaha! Anti-JESUS?!!! WAHAHHAA!!!

They must be insane! What has this got to do with God? its free will! Personal choices what! Hahahaha!

akiko_kalla at 2006-05-28 06:00 (UTC) (Link)
Some people just have their own set of issues. I'm just very thankful those aren't my issues...the ones I have keep me busy enough. :P
anthonyjaycee at 2006-05-28 17:36 (UTC) (Link)
I've, alternatively, heard that rape is about anger. Sounds very much in agreement with your terminology that it's about power.

Maybe this is kind of what Ankh is getting at when he keeps saying "communication can only occur between equals." But I'd revise that a little... it seems more about whether or not the people communicating can "rise to the occasion" when a more intelligent and/or more comprehensive perspective is presented.

I had arguments with people kind of like this on the convert_me community for a while, which led to me eventually taking it off my friends' list. I suppose some people on there are on forums like the one you cited are just young, hence we can excuse them when they make stubborn, extremely objective claims, and refuse to listen to what other people have to say. But, on convert_me, there was a point where some of the people must have been older, since they were logically intelligent... but they were still really emotionally immature. So basically, I'd try to find common ground, and then they'd just keep nitpicking any and all microscopic logic holes in what I had to say. Ugh.

It's kind of like with those Muslims reacting extremely violently to that cartoon in Denmark-- people are just looking for something to take offense at, or someone to get angry with, hence all this flaming. Everyone's got to get that anger out some way, eh? We can look at it like they could do better, or we could also look at it like, "well, at least they're getting their anger out by yelling at people online, rather than killing, raping, or even physically fighting with someone."

So yeah... ranting is good. Healthy, even. :)
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