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My gay response

Posted on 2006.04.10 at 23:13
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The response to a post in a thread about a person who was upset because people called him gay because he had watched something with yaoi. (How's that for a sentence?) I had a rant up here, but it kind of went around in circles and I think just simply posting the words exchanged makes more sense and gets my point across.

Originally Posted by ******

ok , so all u people that like yuri or whatever its called, tell us, then why do u like it? what exactly is it that u like about it? cause if its not for the gay stuff, why not just watch regular anime, so why do u like it?

My response:

Many do watch regular anime/read regular manga, including myself. I enjoy anime/manga because of the artwork as opposed to other shows. I like those with yaoi/shounen-ai/etc. for the same reasons I like any anime; there is a good main plot, interesting side plots, it's not terribly predictable, the characters are well developed, realistic and interesting and the story is meaningful. Gender of the characters doesn't matter if the plot is well done and the characters are believable...likewise non-yaoi/yuri/whatever does not make up for a crappy plot and lack of character development. When I look for a story, I look at the story not the genders involved. I don't want to see any mature content if there isn't a story to go with it...if I did I could get that elsewhere.

For example, take again Gravitation just because it's one of my favorite mangas/anime. What makes it great isn't that Shuichi and Eiri are guys, what makes it great is the story is about true love, acceptance, overcoming the odds, and following your dreams. They just both happen to be guys. Shuichi's character is loveable, albeit annoyingly dramatic at times, and Eiri's is just as realistic from the opposite spectrum. In addition, you have several other characters who also have stories going along for the subplots. It's not just about two guys demonstrating their physical affection for each other. Likewise, most people do not like just for that one reason and possibly not even that reason at all. It's like I said, more and more people are just slapping a label on someone and suddenly that becomes the extent of who they are seen as. Likewise with things such as these manga/anime. It has to be one of the most ignorant, illogical, and superficial things I have ever seen humanity accept. Moreover, it simply isn't true.

Originally Posted by *******
"straight people would be completly disgusted to even watch that at all, im straight and i wouldnt even bother watching it for any story line when you can find a regular anime, similar story but not gay"

My response:

Not all straight people share your prejudice. I'm also straight, but I believe love is love and not something that is limited by gender. Just as I don't believe spirit has gender...the body is the only thing with gender. You may not like it, but there are people who feel differently than you. You are free to your own feelings, but putting down the feelings/opinions of others isn't very nice. As for the storyline, there is a certain element that the characters go through in trying to understand their sexuality that is not present in many anime I have seen. To me it is just another facet of the human experience, a different perspective, and the more perspectives I can view from the closer I get to understanding myself and the world around me. But that's just me.

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