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Before you leave a tip

Posted on 2006.03.17 at 22:34
Consider these things when deciding on a tip for a waiter/waitress:

This is for those who think 10% is almost too much of a tip or who only tip a buck or two regardless of service or bill:

1. I get paid $2.13/hour basically to cover the taxes of my tips. A typical weekly pay check for me is about $8-$12.
2. I have to clean the table. That includes clearing it, cleaning it and bistling or vaccuuming under it.
3. I have more than just your table.
4. I might be going out of my way to wait on you because someone else isn't there or can't keep up. Thus I have tables in two places in the restaurant.
5. The table next to you might be incredibly condescending and rude to me.
6. I don't cook your food.
7. I didn't hire cooks that can't read the ticket.
8. I am supposed to get rid of your dishes as you finish rather than let them pile up.
9. I can't see in your coffee cup because it is opaque, so you must tell me when you need a refill.
10. Don't assume I have no education, am lazy, or this is my main job.
11. Don't assume I haven't thought you might want a straw or ketchup--give me the chance to get it out of my apron.
12. Tip me on my service to you, not on the cooks or other tables or the layout of the restaurant.
13. Don't assume I'm stupid or won't remember.
14. I will remember your face, how you treated me, and how you tip, and so will everyone else.
15. 20% is the rate if my service was fine, more if it was excellent, less if it was poor.
16. I am doing many things at once and if we are busy and I ask you to repeat something it is not to make your life difficult but to prevent your order from being screwed up.
17. Treat me with the respect you would treat yourself--I am a human being, not a servant.
18. Don't take young children to eat and let them smash crackers all over the floor I must clean.
19. I clean the dust off the chairs, the lamps, the tiffanies, etc. myself--we don't have maids.
20. If there is a problem, don't yell at me; tell me what it is so I can fix it.
21. You are in a public place with other people--you all need to live together for the 45 minutes you are there. If there's a problem, ask to move but don't bitch at me about something I can't change.
22. Don't stay for an extended period of time after eating and make me wait for you to pay or to get your charge slip to finalize it. I am penalized for the time you take up and I may be waiting to go home for the two hours you are chatting over water.
23. Getting your order correct isn't hard, even keeping your drinks filled isn't that difficult if we aren't busy, but putting up with various attitudes and having to immediately switch for the next table is difficult.
24. If I look like I'm about to cry, I probably am or already have in the back where you couldn't see me.
25. Being rude to me doesn't make me help you more, it makes me give you decent service but have as little interaction with you as possible.
26. I want you to be happy so you will come back, otherwise I wouldn't be waiting tables.
27. I have a personal life and sometimes shit happens, I just can't tell you that.
28. If I seem aloof it is because I am focusing on trying to give you better service, not so I don't have to speak. Try asking me a question.
29. Most of us work very hard and still get paid crap for our services.
30. My money doesn't go for anything illegal or immoral or even questionable. It pays my bills and without it, they don't get paid.
31. Don't order water--it goes against me and my boss will "talk" to those of us whose percentages are too low because of water. If you truly want water fine, but don't say it with an attitude and go into the details of the fucking lemon.
a. I don't care about your lemon.
b. no one else cares about your lemon.
c. unless I grow the lemon myself I can't change it.
d. get over yourself and don't order for others if you normally do order for them.
e. I'm not an idiot and I do know how to make a glass of water with a lemon, the lemon isn't all that special.
f. I don't have a problem with the water so much as I do that snobby attitude that usually goes along with it. Grow up.
32. When you tip just $2 or 10% remember that I don't get what you gave me to take home. A percentage of it goes to the bartender and the host. And then there is the fact that I pay taxes too...

It is my job to get your order right, serve your food, keep you drinks fresh and removed finished dishes, but that is not why I waitress. I do it because I like helping people and as corny as it may sound, sometimes a waitress/waiter can bring a smile or make someone's day go a little easier--I know they have for me. Just because I live for those few moments doesn't mean I don't need money to survive to continue those moments. At the very least treat us with respect and kindness--which is how you should treat any human being. If you don't have the money, we will be able to tell this is the case. I once had a couple who left me two dollars, which wasn't even 10%, but they were elderly and obviously didn't get out much. It was their anniversary and I had the chance to make their night special. That was a great moment to be a waitress and it didn't matter that their tip wasn't what it should be. However, my first table I did everything right and they seemed to be nice and happy but they left me one penny. I nearly quit then and there, but if I had, I never would have met the elderly couple.


ex_rong at 2006-03-18 07:40 (UTC) (Link)

*hugs hugs*

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