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Posted on 2006.03.03 at 23:18
Current Music: The Return of the King ~LotR Soundtrack
Hmm...so I prefer to get up at 5 or a little before to go to the gym. I don't dread going the whole day, the cat doesn't really let me sleep anyway, and I can go home at the end of the day. I believe I have a new routine. Speaking of which...I wanted to play diablo. ;_; I have spent the time posting on a forum and drawing. In reading some of the posts on that forum I am convinced that too much of it is hazardous to your intelligence. I am also coming to realize that very few people function logically and will often abandon logic for the sake of something that sounds better, like with religion.

I really don't understand why society seeks to separate under the viel of "trying to bring us together." If people would just stop bitching about how things are inequal and just start acting and believing they are equal, they will become equal. Equality is a mindset, not necessarily the action.

In going to the gym I unfortunately am blessed with the news. Mostly conservative news. What I am finding is that people are using more and more religious beliefs for their rationalizations and judgements. I long for a time when religion is moot and we simply coexist as spirits within these shells. People seem to think being more in tune with religion will lead them to god or the source or whatever they call it, when in reality, being in tune with yourself and the world around you will lead you to the higher power. It has always baffled me why people think they can understand others and the world without understanding themselves.

PS: I want a futon.

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