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Mac vs. PC Rant (June 24, 2005)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:04
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A friend and I got into this conversation and got me thinking, so I decided to share. :D Here's the layout...top part is a lowdown of my comparisons. The bottom part is composed of my elaborations, explainations and sarcasm--although I'm being serious and honest, on the matter.

--On a PC you have a right click button. This enables you to save images and what not.
--On a Mac, you have a right click button that you can't use. Saving images is not much of an option in most cases.

--On a PC you have a backspace and a delete key enabling you to edit faster and more easily.
--On a Mac, you only have a delete key which is very small in size in the place where a backspace key should be.

--On a PC you have a home and end key. Hitting home goes to the begining of the line and control home goes to the top.
--On a Mac the home key does not function the same...I forgot which it won't do.

--On a PC when you hit the X, the window closes completely.
--On a Mac even if you hit the X, the window stays running in the background until you click on the program in the top left and tell it to exit.

--On a PC you can use the scrollbar arrows easily.

--On a Mac, the scrollbar Up arrow is down at the bottom with the Down arrow.

--On a PC when you save, it always goes to the same default place so you can find it.
--On a Mac, it saves it somewhere and you have to go search for it.

--On a PC, you can easily look through folders.
--On a Mac, you must scroll over to the right again and again if you keep looking within folders.

--I have the option to look at a tree instead of pictures on a PC.
--I must look at the pictures under the harddrive on a Mac.

--PC's come with a simple scroll mouse.
--Mac's come with a hocky puck mouse. (yes, I know that's only the IMac or whatever, but that's what I had to use)

--PC's have a normal sized keyboard.
--Mac's do not.

--PC's windows fill up the whole space of the screen when opened.
--Mac's leave a good third to a fourth of the screen unused causing you to scroll in the window you're viewing.

--PC's allow you to resize windows.
--Mac's do not. Mac's will not let you fill up the whole screen.

--There are many games for PC's.
--There are very few games also made for Mac.

--PC's read javascript.
--Mac's don't.

--PC's read more up to date CSS and DHTML.
--Mac's sometimes do, but often read it differently.

--MSN Messenger is cool on PC.
--MSN Messenger sucks on Mac.

--IE works on PC.
--IE sucks on Mac.

--Netscape sucks on PC.
--Netscape works on Mac.

--Graphic editing is ok on PC.
--Graphic editing is usually better on Mac.

--PC users can usually find their way around a Mac.
--Mac users are usually lost on a PC.

--Most PC users assume you can drag and drop items and files on your desktop.
--Most Mac users do not think you can do this on a PC. o_O

--I've never had a PC shortcut become corrupt.
--I've had Mac shortcuts become corrupt.

--There are many viruses for PC's.
--There are really no viruses for Mac's.

--PC's need firewall and antivirus software.
--Mac's do not really need it.

--PC's get viruses because those creating the viruses want to affect the most people.
--Mac's do not get viruses because those creating the viruses want to affect the most people. o_O

My comments to PC's:

Why in god's name do you have a windows key?? The only time I have ever used it is when I have been gaming and accidentally hit it instead of alt. In fact, I never knew those suckers where on there until I hit it on accident. It's rather annoying. If there are one in one million of times where you might actually use the sucker, put it somewhere like up by the esc key or print screen key so people don't hit it on accident. And we only need one, not two.

Why does Netscape cause invalid page faults? When it does so why does it like to crash your computer?

Why does WinME exist? It shouldn't have been created and now that it has, why in god's name hasn't someone taken the responsibility to take that fucking program off the shelf before another ignorant soul buys it!?

My comments to Mac's:

If I wanted to see my desktop, I'd resize or minimize my programs. The whole point of opening a program is to take up that space so I can see it easier. By limiting me to a little over half the screen you not only are annoying me and making my job harder, you are pissing me off.

When I click on the X to close the program, I mean close it. I do not mean, "oops, I didn't mean that, here, let me open it again." If I do it on accident, it's my own damn fault and I am adult enough to accept full responsibility and drag that cursor over to double click the program open again.

When I save something to the default setting, what the hell do you do with it? I shouldn't have to go search for it. I now know why Mac users have to lable where they put it...otherwise you freakin hide the file.

What is the deal with the mouse? Do you think I'll get confused with TWO mouse buttons?? What is the purpose of disabling the right click? It's rather useful and makes jobs much easier and possible. My mouse for my PC has three, fits my hand perfectly and has a scroller. I love it. With the number of Mac users that I know that buy PC mice, you'd think you'd have enabled right click by now.

What is with programs not being updated for Mac? What is with programs not offered for Mac? Shouldn't that tell you something?

How come Mac users claim that PC users are stupid but I can find my way around on a Mac and they can't even close the window on a PC?

Taking the backspace key away was stupid. Anyone who types needs both as it allows them to edit quite quickly from wherever they are at. Same thing goes for the home and end keys.

Why the FUCK is the UP ARROW of the scroll bar at the BOTTOM of the scroll bar. Why is this even an option??? Especially if your menu bar is at the bottom of your screen, you try to scroll up and end up opening another program because you're too close to the bottom.

You figured out how to fix netscape. Good for you.

Do you have something against javascript? Seriously now, do you?? It NEVER WORKS!!! What IS your problem?? Javascript is extensively used and it's not brand new. CSS is new, but given the amount that it's being used in design why can't you read it right? Why do you feel the need to read it differently that PC's? I'm sick of designing two sites.

PC's have WinME, you have the hockey puck mouse and insanely small unuseable keyboard. I actually disconnected the mouse. All Mac users I've known have immediately gone out and bought a PC mouse--whose right button they can't use--because the mouse for Mac sucks.

These are my thoughts from my own personal experiences. I in fact have both a Mac and a PC. These are the differences I have found as well as what I have dealt with while helping my colleagues. These may or may not reflect in what you have experienced, but hopefully it brought a little laugh or two if they do. :)

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