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Underneath (June 19, 2004)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:02
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Soo...yeah, I finally got hired! I'm going to be waitressing. I have absolutely no experience so this should be interesting. But hopefully it will be fun once I get the hang of it. Tomorrow I need to go buy the "uniform" clothes. Joy. Anyway, I'm too tired to sleep if that makes sense...so, as often happens, I wrote a poem. Er, or whatever you want to call it. I'll read it tomorrow and see if it makes sense. :P Hey, it was either this or start drawing again, and I don't have the patience for that I don't think. Anyway, feel free to leave a comment if you wish.

The flame dances in front of me,
Yet my gaze goes beyond,
into the heart of the flame.

In the flame I see my life,
Such a fleeting existance,
Such a small person amongst a sea of others.

But at this sea of conformity,

I am only peering,

I am not there.

I am on the other side of the flame,
Looking outward only to see
what is inside myself.

Beyond the outside layers
I see a bright light.

It dances around
casting odd shadows upon my soul,
but I am mesmerized.

The shadows come and the shadows go,
But I remain,
Regardless of the tide.

It seems as if the light is coming from within,
But when I look out I see,
It is a reflection of the light, the shadows...

My spirit starts to shine,
Having found its place.

Its light does not fade but grows brighter,
As it blinds me the shadows grow darker
until they too are blinded.

And then I feel the warmth upon my face,
My eyes refocus on the flame,
and I see the new truth it has taught me,

burning away the viels of lies that cloaked my heart,
to reveal the spirit underneath.

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