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Why I do what I do

Posted on 2006.02.05 at 00:57
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みかん大福 (だいふく) とイチゴ大福が大好きです! とてもおいしいデサートですよ!  でも、ちょっと高いんです。。。

Seriously though, if you get the chance, try it. I was thinking today, as I'm rather ill and am still going in to waitress and am short on sick days, so am just teaching through it, of why I continue to waitress where I do. Here is what I came up with:

* My managers give people a chance when others won't.
* My managers are honest and hardworking, but know how to have fun.
* My managers don't play favorites.
* My managers are understanding.
* My managers are interested in building the restaurant through customer service, not just sales.
* Most of the people I work with are nice and willing to help each other.
* My managers see us as people, not just employees.
* My managers give recognition where it is due.

I mean, the place is kept clean and whatnot, but these are the main reasons I continue to work for the three managers I do and don't search out another job elsewhere. It's my second job, but there are days I would rather work for them than at school. However, I could never really give up my kids I don't think...unless I was getting other kids to teach elsewhere, ie. Japan.

Here's why I teach:

* I want to help the future of the world.
* I want to make the world a better place for as many people as I can.
* I want to make sure each child I meet has a positive experience.
* I want to give students an outlet for their emotions.
* I want to give students a group to belong to.
* I want to help students gain confidence and a sense of importance.
* I want to help students realize they can go to college.
* I want to help students remember to never give up on their dreams.
* I want to help students see the world for what it is.
* I want to help students see how they can change the future.
* I want to expose students to other cultures and parts of life.
* I want to bring beauty into their lives.

Yeah, I'm sick...so what happens? My brain leaks...or something. Who knows. I made a post on a forum and quoted the bible to show a contradiction and someone private messaged me saying they wanted to help me clear it up. Of course they missed the point of what I said. I politely informed them that there's nothing to clear up as I'm not confused. I believe religion has a purpose for many people, just not for me. I don't understand why people feel you have to be a part of religion in order to be spiritual. Never before have I seen so many people believing they are doing so much good while simultaneously segregating the world's population in conflict and fear.


ex_rong at 2006-02-05 14:36 (UTC) (Link)
I've tried イチゴ大福, but not the みかん one, must be very refreshing eh? (now u make me miss japan so much!)

I think this post is so lovely. The managerial bit especially, so warm. :)

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