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World View

Posted on 2006.01.07 at 02:17

I was reading L'observateur today, a French Magazine, and there was an article on Bush. Yes, they pretty much bashed him and all the crap that has gone on, but I couldn't say I disagree. In fact, they even stated "Bill lied, Hilary cried, Bush lied, People died." Can't argue with that one either.

I do not condone terrorism, but I find it funny how so many people will talk about how many US troops have died to "free Iraq." Isn't that missing the point? What about the people of Iraq? I'd say they have suffered more than this country has. And the scary thing is, since we went in and uprooted their system rather than empowering them to do so themselves, they will fall apart most likely once we leave. Brilliant Mr. President, solve someone's problem for them so that afterwards they don't know how you did it much less what to do in the aftermath.

The thing is, the terrorist bit is about 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, Afghanistan. Not Iraq. We were given two reason for invading a totally different country after destroying one that everyone has now forgotten. 1. Weapons of mass destruction--that do not exist. 2. To free the Iraqi people from a dictatorship. Since I've heard both so frequently from the president's mouth, I believe neither. If he can't make up his mind why we went in there, why would I think he really had a reason?

Just take this statement taken from another journal... "If you think the terrorists would become peaceful if only America would stop provoking them, then it might make sense to leave them alone."...because we all know the world revolves around America and that is the only form of hatred and terrorism is against Americans. Now I know that's not technically the words he uttered, but the fact that he doesn't even think about other people's hardships and situations is why a lot of people dislike America. That and he's a moron. When England was bombed and we went over to speak, we related it to 9/11. Oh how we can understand your sorrow, your pain, etc. No, we can't. We can sympathize, empathize to an extent, but to be so arrogant as to compare such an event to one of your own just makes me angry. It was disrespectful and arrogant. The rest of the world thought so too. You express your condolences for those grieving, but you do not compare their grief to your own. You may try to relate it at a later time, when they have healed some, but that first day you don't go in and say, "Yup, I know exactly how you feel. I've had something worse happen. Yeah, it sucked. It's too bad, now you're like me." Me me me. Self centered arrogant pricks. You can be patriotic and not put down other countries. If we want people to stop thinking we are arrogant, we need to stop acting arrogant.

We are NOT the center of the world, we are NOT the best thing on this planet, we are NOT above other places, and our views are NOT always the best or right. We ARE part of a great existance called humanity, we ARE just as important as the next person, we ARE just as responsible for our actions as the next person, we ARE entitled to our own beliefs, and we ARE members of a global community and life on this planet. Believe in yourself and do what you feel is right, but do not ever think your life is worth more than another's. Your life's are the same. To think yours is more deserving, more important, more...whatever, is to lead you down the path that no longer stays your hand when your finger is on the trigger or the words on the tip of your tongue. Thoughts become actions and actiosn become character, so be careful what you think. Ghandi was a wise man.

And get a president who knows that astronauts are in fact called astronauts, not astronomical engineers. Moron. If you go somewhere, there you are. -_- Or the quote about OBGYN's should be free to love their patients...*shakes head* I swear.

Anyway, you cannot free a country and then try to impose your value systems and expect things to go smoothly. As soon as you leave it will fall apart. Remember the colonies like India (England) or various states in Africa (France)? Once the government pulled out, they failed. I'm not saying don't help, but if you always feed the child rather than letting him try and helping him along the way, he will never be able to do it once you pass on. This is just common sense, but apparently common sense is not common.


ophilius at 2006-01-08 02:43 (UTC) (Link)
You're right. Common sense isn't common. Because the world respects raw knowledge, not wisdom.

For example: A scientist who knows how to create a super weapon will be called a genius while a philosopher who discusses the ethics of super weapons will be ignored...
akiko_kalla at 2006-01-08 07:45 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, and that just 1. confuses me and 2. pisses me off. It's like the whole world, or at least this country, is missing the point. If you don't look at the reason for WHY you're doing something, if you haven't weighed the cost of doing it, if you haven't looked to see the future after you do it...why do it? How inconsiderate ignorant selfish and egotistical can you be? And then to turn around and wonder why other countries dislike you... Someone should just slap him, and all the people who are just like him. Not that I condone physical violence, but damn...
anthonyjaycee at 2006-01-08 19:33 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah. I'm focusing on releasing anger today too. You definitely have a great feel for the logic of emotion, and you're seeing a lot of people around you who don't. It's like that "who do I blame?" post of mine. Now, in a sense, "don't blame anyone," yes. And I traced out the logic... it's hard to stay upset with, say, my parents, when I can understand where they're coming from.

Now, in a sense, I could make an argument for "well, here's where Bush is coming from..." and trace back all sorts of root causes behind the logic flaws in the actions he's pursued. But, yeah... that wouldn't be helping anyone. It's that "passing the buck" thing. I mean, you're angry. So am I. But that's good. That means we're bringing this repressed emotional glop to the surface. It's like a cloud in a thunderstorm, and it has to strike something, so it finds the path of least resistance. "Ah-- _that_ is the root of all evil, as best as I can discern it! Attack! RRRRAAARGH!!"

You know that Switchfoot song, Stars? "Maybe I've been part of the cloudy. Maybe I'm the chance of rain. But even when I turn around and blame myself the outcome's still the same."

I think God as humanity (or the oversoul of humanity, if you will) is figuring out this whole "what's the root cause of my negative emotions?" thing right now. We seem to really be getting somewhere with it... Even if you look at celebrities and public figures, from the past versus currently, they all seem more emotionally "real" and "human" than they used to-- everyone's more emotionally open, it seems... our own personal feelings about various things are getting out there to the world, more and more. These dividing lines of "this person has got it made, and I'm suffering..." seem to be falling apart more and more. Granted, there's a lot of misdirection in the process (like with the Katrina aftermath... wow, talk about a massive blame game that we all got caught up in), but I think we're naturally ironing things out more and more, and leveling things out, as we all get more information about what's going on, and where people are being fearful and greedy and such.
akiko_kalla at 2006-01-08 22:51 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I'm not angry, I'm just ticked. It's annoying. It's humanity's choice where it goes, but I won't be going with it if it continues. I don't believe in repressing the emotions, but I do believe in trying to do something with them...thus I post and discuss issues to make people think. Bush isn't the root of all evil, he's just selfish and stupid. There really isn't a point in placing blame, for each person is responsible for their own actions. Bush being a moron has nothing to do with the number of people who blindly follow. People just need to wake up. It doesn't make me angry...if anything it makes me terribly sad. The root of all evil...I'm not sure I know what that is, but the root of most of the problems I see are fear, selfishness, apathy and stupidity.
ophilius at 2006-01-09 01:13 (UTC) (Link)
Do you know anything about Skull & Bones? Things about Bush began to make a lot more sense after I did some research into that...

Basically what it boils down to, is that Bush is part of an offshoot of a germanic death cult. Strange but true.

People think Bush's actions are without rhyme or reason, but... I think it's a little more complicated...

Here's a link to get you started, if you're at all interested.

akiko_kalla at 2006-01-09 01:48 (UTC) (Link)
I had heard that, but in reading more it sounds so much like the Illuminati. I have no doubt that there are actual reasons why Bush does things--such as appoint who he does and why we went to Iraq. However, those true reasons will never be known to the general public. But then general public follows his stupid justifications without question and that just pisses me off because the man is a moron. He may be a powerful moron, but a moron none-the-less. I mean...astronomical engineers?? Come on. I think he is more like a pawn--he is almost perfect for that. Born into money and lineage, able to get people to trust and follow him, able to appear as benign and good, able to appear clueless, but with a great deal of power and the ability to follow orders.

I also don't think he's stupid as far as politics are concerned; there is definately an agenda we don't see. I just think he's a stupid person who lacks common sense. However, the best way to hide a terrible plot is to do so in plain sight. I agree, there is much more to his actions. I just doubt his thought processes. ^_~

And the public is just in a sorry state to so blindly follow something that if you listen, doesn't make sense. They should have warning flags going off saying, this doesn't sound right...that doesn't make sense. They should be questioning what he is REALLY doing. And be apalled by his lack of...experience with the English language.
ophilius at 2006-01-09 09:45 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I agree. Without a doubt he's a stupid-looking, stupid-acting puppet with... god only knows whose hand up his ass.

The thing that really gets me about Bush: If you took away the power, the money, the connections, all that's left is trailer trash. The kind of gun stroking bible thumping hard drinking redneck trailer trash that the south is so stereotyped for. I mean, he drank himself stupid for half his life. You don't need a chemist to tell you what that much alcohol does to a person's brain over time.

As for John Q. Public and Madam Normal, they are under a spell. Or at least they act like it.
akiko_kalla at 2006-01-11 05:09 (UTC) (Link)
I don't know if you like South Park or not, but there was one episode where Bush was explaining to the UN about Saddam trying to launch weapons of mass destruction from heaven. He went into Saddam having been bansihed from hell because he was Satan's former lover and had tried to kill his new lover, thus he was sent to heaven to live with the Mormons. He also said they had tried to contact Saddam through a psychic, but he had not responded. When he asked if they had any questions, one guy raised his hand: "Are you high or just incredibly stupid?" To which Bush replied, "I assure you...I am not high." Sometimes South Park pushes things too far, but I thought Bush's response we perfect.

But yeah, you take away power money and connections and he has the mentality of my students' parents who are willing to throw an alcoholic graduation party for their fifth graders. *refrains from parenting rant* What's scary is I doubt he really knows who is in control. Would be interesting to see who it is.
ophilius at 2006-01-12 12:27 (UTC) (Link)
Haha... Southpark rules sometimes.

As for who's in charge, I don't know for sure. Any evidence I've seen suggests that it's a handful of doddering old white men (of mostly german and american descent) who dream of ruling the world while they slowly decay in their mansions on their private islands.
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