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Posted on 2006.01.01 at 05:45
Current Music: sleepless beauty -sacred air mix- ~Gravitatioan Soundtrack
Ever have a song whose music just touches something deep inside? It's like it pulls out some indescribable emotion and expresses it. Even if it's a sad lonely emotion it's like you're focused on listening to it over and over; as if somehow expressing it like that will finally burn it from your soul. It's entirely too late and I've raided the forums for any posts of decency...and despite the alcohol my heart still won't rest. So I shall let it burn into the wee hours of the morning in hopes that sleep will find me before the first rays of light shadow this emotion again.

She walked slowly down the street, the bird sitting patiently on her shoulder. Idly she wondered why it had followed her. As she entered the inn, it flew to roost on the sign swinging in the wind. 'The Dragon's Lair' it read. She booked a room and sat in the chair staring at the fire before her. A thousand questions plagued her mind and yet she was totally empty of all thought.

As if suddenly realizing the room was more than warm, she jerked out of a reverie that must have lasted for some time as the embers of the fire had died down to nothing. She opened the window and sat upon the bed. "Duncan." A flutter of noise drew her attention away from the lonliness. The bird now sat perched upon her windowsill. She walked over to it and reached out to touch it. It nuzzled her fingers before flying away. She shook her head in confusion, "All things leave."

She then rekindled the fire and settled down, unlacing her boots and pulling them off. She didn't bother to undress--what was the use anyway? She rolled under the covers and fell into a tormented sleep. Near dawn she finally was able to rest. There were no dreams to bother her mind, but when she woke the tiny bird had returned and was resting peacefully on the windowsill.

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