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Kuroshitsuji Manga

Posted on 2017.06.24 at 03:46
Cutting for

So the twin theory is true so now the question becomes HOW. So here are some thoughts bouncing around in my head.

1. Probably the most likely. Undertaker has done something to bring back Ciel and needed the current Ciel's blood to make it complete, thus the current arc. If the blood is seen as a link to the soul, that is perhaps how it was done but it still makes Ciel little more than a recently risen zombie. We will have to see how that plays out if it's the case...will he continue to live? Can he live as a normal person? Does he need blood to continue his existence? etc.

2. Did the current Ciel actually die and in the moment of death Sebastian made a contract with his soul, but the current Ciel was unaware of it? Could his own memories be inaccurate of what happened? Maybe Sebastian saved his soul so he could cultivate it to make it more...appetizing? Or maybe he had another motive to save it?

3. Why does Sebastian look so surprised to see the real Ciel? How did he not know he was alive? Did the real Ciel "pay the price to cross the river?" If so, did the Reapers bring him back because he could change the course of history as one of those special souls? Or did Undertaker abuse his powers as a Reaper to bring him back independently? Is this perhaps why he was being hunted in the Book of Atlantic or was it merely because they found out he was a Reaper?

Questions I now have:

How will this impact the contract with Sebastian, if at all?
Why did Sebastian not know Ciel was alive?
What really happened at the ritual?
How will the servants act and who will they stay loyal too?
Why did no one bring up Ciel's brother?
What is Ciel's real name?
How in control is Ciel (given the scribbling on the wall)?

I guess we will see what happens in the next issue. While excited to possibly have some answers, it also is a little sad as it means the end is probably near.

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