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My Power, My Success

Posted on 2016.12.29 at 21:21
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What is more important: the destination or the journey? At what point does destination matter more than the path you take to get there? Or when the destination ceases to be achieved because the path went so far astray? Maybe when it comes down to it, there are only three types of people; those who ultimately value the destination, those who ultimately value the journey, and those who are afraid to make a decision.

I value the journey and no end will justify the means if it is achieved by hurt, deceit, or arrogance. I would rather never reach my destination but stay true to myself than to finally have the results I am seeking and lose myself in the process. It is fundamental to who I am and I'm not sure people can change this aspect of their personality...nor do I have any desire to change it. Maybe this is a root in all miscommunication.

We all want the same thing--to achieve desired results while minimally compromising our integrity, but ultimately I think people fall into one of these three categories when really tested. I can no more care more about the result than I can stand by and not act. The fire within me is too great to contain, but it will also be spent focused on how I am moving forward. Everything I have built has been because of this aspect of myself...my students, my friends, my family...

It is every step and every person along the way that matters and demands attention. To look at the goal and devise a plan is such a small part of life and, at least to me, of reaching the goal. If I reach the goal at the expense of the steps or the people, I cannot consider it success because they ARE my success.

Perhaps that is more what this is about; some people build connections with ideas but I do it with people. That is my strength. I keep getting shoved into a box of "making such good connections" and "attention to detail" and "thorough" and whatever else people say. But in reality, I am good at uniting people with each other. I'm not even that great at making connections with other people, but when I'm uniting them for a cause or a goal, that is where my true strength lies.

And this is what I must harness to regain my power.

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