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Meh...sleep is overrated

Posted on 2005.12.30 at 02:06
Current Mood: sleepless
Current Music: Glaring Dream ~Gravitation Soundtrack
So I have finished it...I've switched my website over to my new layout. I had to look up a little bit of css and edit it, but other than that I did everything on it. I still have a few pages to be filled in, but the big change is finished. I actually think I like it. *points to link at top of page* you can look at it if you want and let me know what you think. ^_^ Just be nice to me...too many hours and too little sleep. That's what I get for being so focused on something I loose all track of time and space. That and having a sick kitten.

I've heard several people talk about deviantART before, and because I'm tired and lazy, I was thinking of moving my poetry and sketches there. I was wondering what people thought of it. I have several sketches that are of a screen cap or art book and I was wondering if there is anything wrong with putting it up there so long as I say it's drawn from *insert series here*?

By the way...Gravitation music rocks. ^_~ Oh and I downloaded Firefox again, due to the suggestion of vicemage and ACDragonmaster and I actually like it now that my site works in it. I'll probably spend the next couple of hours alternating playing with firefox and pulling my hair out from stupid people in forums. :D

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