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Why (June 11, 2004)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 08:00
What happens when you flip your internal clock back around. :P

If I had stayed,
would you have wanted me to heal you?
If I had stayed,
would you have wanted me to free you?

I cannot heal you,
For I do not hurt,
I cannot free you,
For I've no cage.

I want you to learn to live,
Knowing the truth,
I want you to be happy,
But you must be happy alone.

For I am not your happiness.
I am not your saulvation.
I can do nothing for you
Except give you the illusion.

I refuse to cage you,
I refuse to stunt you,
I refuse to lie to you,
But is that what you want?

I want you to laugh, really laugh,
As loudly and freely as you wish.
I want you to be independent,
Confident in who you are.

If I am your everything,
There is no place for you.
You would not exist.

Are you scared to move forward?
Are you scared to change?

But I am not a person who can cage.
I am not a person who can only take.
I am not a person who will live illusions.

You were lost without me,
Because you didn't realize
You were lost with me.

I cannot save you;
I am not a god.
I cannot heal you;
The wounds are within.
I will not tell you who you are;
For to do so would destroy what is left of you.

Do not ask me what I want.
Do not ask me who to be.
Do not ask anymore.

Live your life, freely.
Live your life, for you.
Live your life, independently.

You could not see so long as I stayed,
the viel would remain.
I could not stay.

To stay meant to leave behind myself,
to abandon the feelings I had for you,
to hurt you in ways you were familiar.

I did not leave because I hate,
I did not leave because I was mad,
I did not leave because my heart changed.

I left because I want you to heal...

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