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Posted on 2016.02.22 at 22:48
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So last week I had three concerts. Next week I have three concerts. This week I am supposed to go to a music conference Thursday-Saturday. I have paid for it and made arrangements and now I feel like I'm getting sick. I could also use the rehearsal time. I am seriously considering cancelling and telling my students to bring their instruments so we can rehearse and then sleep all weekend to try to kick whatever this is before next week. (I feel like I felt a few days before I had an asthma attack and then came down really sick several weeks ago.)

It sucks because everything is paid for and I was going to room with someone, but now I would lose the money and have to tell that person I can't room with them and offer to pay for part of the room anyway. I don't think the professional leave is an issue to cancel...I just have to be sure to do it, and even if I forgot it wouldn't matter as I have nothing else to use it on this year. I looked at the conference scheduled and only like two workshops over the three days am I interested in going to. I will have had SEVEN concerts in the span of a month. WAY too much stress. And I could really use an extra day for one of my classes to prepare as they are behind.

I am used to being in chronic pain, not being chronically ill.

My chest hurts...

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