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Posted on 2015.11.07 at 23:53
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It hit me during 4th hour Friday...my throat started to hurt and I could feel my temperature going up. I made it all the way until November without getting sick this year, which in the past five years is a record. Normally I would have been sick repeatedly and stayed sick until April. But now that I am sick, I am really sick.

The lymph nodes in my neck hurt, my eyes water, my body aches...I am just sick and it sucks. And I have a concert Thursday so I cannot afford to miss a day of school this week. Especially since I have some classes I have only seen once a week for FIVE weeks in a row. I also need to get the board proposal letter signed so I can present my trip to the board. Thank goodness my colleague is taking care of our programs...

I have spent all day sleep and drinking orange juice. I don't really even feel like eating. I am hot then cold then hot then cold. I am also exhausted. I am also convinced that all of the men worth entering a relationship with are already taken. I have been doing the eharmony thing and am woefully disappointed with who they think is a good match. I officially give up...if a relationship is meant to happen it will have to come to me because I'm done.

It's just at times like this where I'm sick, it would be nice to just have someone to help or offer comfort or just talk to when I was conscious. Someone to share the responsibility in life and be a companion. But soon I won't be sick and be focused on the concert and it won't matter anyway. Still...it would be nice to be loved for who I am some day.

On a different note, I saw someone post in a National Orchestra forum about what the notation was for when the note heads were diamonds. When someone commented they were harmonics, the original poster said they were a violin/violist and had never seen them in their long career. Considering I teach it to my middle school students I was appalled. I see them all the time as a violinist, but then I've been playing original works since the 8th grade rather than arrangements. I just...how the hell can you NOT know what that is and be an orchestra director??

Right now, time for bed. Again. And I really wish I had a bunch of soup.

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