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Mets vs. Royals

Posted on 2015.11.02 at 23:03
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Dear NY Media and Mets Fans,

We in the Midwest would like to congratulate you on a World Series well played. We do have a question. Why do you use words like disgrace, will haunt, should be blamed, etc. when describing your team in the series? Why do you say things like Harvey (or anyone else) lost the game? We understand your disappointment--truly we do, we had one of the worst if not the worst teams for not just a few years, but decades. It hurts, it sucks, and it is so disappointing.

However, what you should be blaming your Mets for is pulling themselves up to the World Series and giving it their all in every game. While it's true someone has to win, look at how far your team has come! Why are you not excited to see what happens next year...to see if it will be the year you go all the way? With the exception of Syndergaard and his cowardly throw at Escobar's head, your team played their best and earned the right to play at the World Series. (And I say cowardly because no one who believes their team can beat their opponent will resort to physical threats in a ball game. Your team simply didn't need to resort to that.) No one person won your previous games and no one person lost them; you win or lose as a team.

In all honesty, no win or loss comes down to one person; it is a team effort. It was one person hitting the ball, one person catching, one pitching and another sliding home...it was a team effort. So were our mistakes. Mistakes were made on both sides, but we have a choice to dwell on them and let it guilt us down or to grow from them. Change your perspective; instead of sneering at who's in front, look back and see what you've overcome. You don't need to win the World Series for your team to be great...the Royals didn't win last year, but our city knew and was behind them. Greatness isn't determined by the number of wins, but by how you play the game--every game, win or lose. Greatness is something you feel and it's contagious.

The Royals didn't win because we had someone hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th; we won because we believed and never ever gave up. For thirty years, we didn't give up when the rest of the world laughed and ridiculed us, we still quietly held on to our hope that our beloved team would rise above the years of exile.

Don't put the Mets down there with those thirty years...believe in your beloved team, help them believe in themselves. That is when the magic happens. The Royals are proof of that. The Mets played great ball, and the world was captivated by the game...isn't that the point? The memories, the cheers, the gasps, the ups and downs, and most importantly the excitement for what next year holds in store?

Enjoy the game, play well and play hard. Most importantly believe. Congratulations! We hope to see you next year for an even more intense ball game! Here in the Midwest we strongly believe that you are capable of whatever you believe you can do, even if it takes a little longer.

A Patient Royals Fan and her inner 7 year old

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