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Posted on 2005.12.16 at 23:11

I wasn't going to post another update tonight, but being as my friend decided to go eat a piece of pie instead of play diablo... Yay for shopping being finished. Three hours...in a mall...with children...with my brother trying to channel his questions for the cellphone guy through me via my cell phone...speaking of which, I should recharge my scala. Anyway, I vowed not going back to that place unless I had to return something. Although, Yankee Candle as this new scent, Chardonnay, that I really like so I might go back for that--but nothing else!

Three concerts finished. Two went very well, but my poor fifth graders' strings went out of tune while they were playing. It had started to snow and the temperature had dropped. If it had been fourth grade, they wouldn't have cared because they don't know what in tune is, but my fifth graders do and once they heard they were out of tune, they got nervous and clammed up. ;_; Just one more to go...

Not to self: No matter how weightless the make-up claims to be, you can always feel it when you aren't used to wearing any. I swear, I'm like a little kid; I start to rub my eyes and stuff before I remember I'm wearing make-up. Can't wait for concerts to be finished so I can not spend a half hour putting it on--even if I do kind of like how this set looks.

Want sleep. Need sleep. Must play diablo first. Sleep. Ohh, maybe I'll make some more Tokyo Babylon icons... ^_~


ex_rong at 2005-12-17 16:40 (UTC) (Link)
Me too! No matter how many times I've loaded makeup on my face, I'll still rub my eyes... which is why, I hate sparkly eyeshadows. Love hate relationship, lah! :P
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