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Stress Quota

Posted on 2014.10.12 at 17:18
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A little over a week ago I found a swollen lymph node and went to the doctor.  They think it was swollen from the spider bite not too far away from it, but did blood tests.  A few days later I was called back in to retake the blood test.  I had elevated neutrophils, lymphocytes, platelets, and white blood cell count.  My monocytes were almost high.  I have had elevated platelets for over a year, a cough that lasts for several months that gets so bad I vomit from it, am always tired despite thyroid medicine that helped in the past, and am waking up at night sweating even though I'm cold the rest of the time.  My thyroid is doing well on the thyroid medicine however, so the temperature changes are not from that.

Trying to look stuff up online has not been helpful, in fact I can't find anything that has both neutrophils and lymphoncytes high together.  I don't know what to think and am trying not to.  It feels like little things are bothering me now more than normal and I have a constant headache.  If anything catches me off guard, like when I was told Friday about needing to change the submission of a form when I had already mailed mine off, I struggle to not freak out some.  I really hope I hear soon what is going on.

On top of it, I have two after school groups I'm doing, one of which I run myself, a slew of extra stuff at my middle school, keeping the curriculum up to date, and in general just trying to teach.  I've met my stress quota for the month and really need several days off to sleep.

Update:  Blood counts were still elevated on the second blood test so I'm being referred to a hematologist/oncologist.

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