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Ebola Society

Posted on 2014.10.06 at 21:55
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Ok, why are people freaking out NOW about the Ebola epidemic in Africa?  Was it not bad enough that there was so much criticism about bring the doctor and nurse, who were risking their lives to help others, back to our country for proper treatment?  Now we are going to forget how it is spread, panic and assume every sneeze is Ebola and that now that it is on our soil we need to intervene...meanwhile how many lives have been lost in Africa who weren't important enough to intervene?  Seriously?

Society makes me ill sometimes.  Panic should have started in say, March or April; not October.  Just because you chose not to do anything about it when it didn't affect you doesn't mean that was the right thing to do...nor does it mean that everyone should now intervene for you.  After all, the rest of the world is like you and it still hasn't hit their soil yet.  There is a saying about not standing up to the Nazis when they came because they weren't coming for me, but when they did there was no one left to stand up.  How many times will history repeat this lesson and how incredibly selfish it is of people to think their life is more important that the lives of others--they are all of equal importance and deserve to be helped and saved.

Now, for logic.  You don't catch Ebola by breathing the same air, contrary to what I keep hearing.  It is only spread through bodily fluids...that is why they want to bring American citizens home to be treated.  Have you seen the "treatment centers" in Africa?  With hazardous waste just piled in trash bags behind the hospital, dirt roads with people drinking the dirty water from who knows where, a tent is a common "treatment center" wall?  It won't spread here for that fact alone; our standard of living and hygiene is incredibly different.  Second, our medical technology is so far advanced that it may not be near as deadly if it hits in a country like ours.

So not only are you an arrogant hypocritical asshole, you are immensely slow to catch on to what MSF has been saying for over six months, AND you are amazingly ignorant about disease and health care.  Please, stop talking until you are smarter.

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