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Something to think about...

Posted on 2005.12.08 at 00:19
Current Music: noisy heater
So I've seen this episode of CSI before, but watching it this time was different for some reason. It was the one where Warrik knows this guy running a rec center in a bad part of town and his daughter is killed in a drive by. What this guy says at the end, just made me think about my kids. I have them from all backgrounds and all parts of town, although they're all inner city. And I guess this is also partly spawned from the conversation I had earlier today about my mom and breaking free from that lower class mentality. The difference was, I didn't give up on myself. Looking at my students, I think many of them have given up on themselves and perhaps that is the key to this. The students I have difficulty with is because they have given up and feel I have as well and I need to change that. On the other side, I have a school that is notorious for poor behavior, finacial difficulties, etc., and my students there are outshining the rest...perhaps it is because I had to work harder with those students over the years so the general student body feels I won't give up on them.

Regardless, it's still snowing and I'm going to bed knowing I can sleep in from the snow day...and although I love each and every one of my students, I will not miss them tomorrow morning. :P

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