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Internet Rules

Posted on 2014.07.30 at 21:42
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My rules for facebook internet life:

1.  Use the search feature, or at least look to see if there are twenty other posts asking the same damn thing.
2.  Sharing and helping does not mean doing the work for you.
3.  You are responsible for what you say/post.  Think wisely.
4.  You cannot blame the poster for your own stupidity or lack of common sense.

Seriously saw people ganging up on a girl who posted her concerns about her insurance.  Later she apologize for posting misleading information because she didn't understand the insurance well enough.  Anyone who is ganging up on someone asking a QUESTION about the cost of their procedure is a moron; every procedure is individual and depending on your insurance, specific plan, and location cost varies greatly.  You have to use your brain when you read a post and not assume that some kid who is asking questions knows everything there is to know about the cost, insurance, or anything else...it's the fucking internet!

Another case in point, people who keep posting the same questions so there will be at least three threads back to back for the same bloody questions.  OMGSRSLY??

Or, the people who want everyone to share all their worksheets, lesson plans, and curricula so they don't have to do any work.   Not first year or second year teachers, but those who have been at it a while.  I'm happy to discuss HOW I plan, but I'm not giving you my lesson plans for the first few weeks of school...that's your job.  And curriculum can be confusing so I'm happy to discuss how to use it, design it, etc. but I'm not going to give you the answers to what you should teach the first few weeks...you are only showing everyone in the forum that you don't know how to use a curriculum and I seriously have to question your competence.

Or worse yet, the number of people who don't know what a curriculum is...or who think the text is the curriculum.  The text is just a tool, the curriculum is supposed to be what gets you to think about how you need to teach an objective at a specific point so they are prepared for it to develop at a later point and decide on the best tool for that purpose.

I guess it's time for school again...I apparently need to be off the internet anyway to keep my sanity.

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