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Posted on 2014.07.29 at 23:38
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There is so much unrest in this world right now.  Maybe it's just that we are aware of all the unrest, but it is overwhelming.  Wars should not be started on words and idol threats...they should only be used in moments of dire need.  Fighting and killing should not be used indiscriminately.

It makes me want to point out the outbreak of Ebola that is hardly in the news despite its severity.  How easy it would be for it to jump continents on an international flight with someone who doesn't realize they are infected yet...   Would you be so quick to argue and fight and bomb if Ebola was on your doorstep?  Or would you work together to try to prevent its spread?

But then, how easily we lose perspective...and I am guilty of it too.  Becoming so caught up in my own personal battles I can't see others fighting theirs.  I try not to be that way, but it is hard when you are overwhelmed with things directly affecting your quality of life, especially if they should not be happening.  But then, I'm not waging war and I accept the consequences that come from my actions.

It seems our leaders are only bickering and fighting because they do not have a bigger threat to unify against.  It's sad...there are a lot of crimes against humanity they could be rallying against instead...or creating cures to prevent catastrophic ones in the future.

I think I shall be taking a break for the news for a while... 

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