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My Path

Posted on 2014.07.24 at 21:56
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It isn't about becoming someone new; it's about returning to who you were and holding on to that person despite what life does to you.

For someone focused on the how and the why, it can be difficult to let go, but that is just how I think.  I want to know why something occurred and how it lead to that, to unravel all the pieces and then put them back together--only put them back better and stronger than before.  Some do this with clocks and machines, I do this with thoughts and emotions.  Whether it is a learning process or an emotional issue, this is my approach so it would make sense I would have the same approach with myself.

When your heart is broken one of three things happen:  You experience a catastrophic event and it jolts you into a new mindset and way of life; you take each piece and heal it, only to find more shattered remains but you keep at it until it is healed and it enables you to let go; or you refuse to let go and embrace the negativity that surrounds you.

Holding on to the anger, the pain, the loneliness, the sorrow...it just binds you to the intolerance, ignorance, and fear that is rampant in society.  To release those emotions is to free yourself from those bonds to become who you have always been.  It usually takes time...every time you unravel and rebuild part of yourself, you find another part is clinging to those emotions.  But over time, enough of your heart will heal so that it becomes easier to let go and eventually, you really do.

The point isn't to become someone new; it's to remain who you are in the face of society's mediocrity.  

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