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List for School

Posted on 2014.07.14 at 00:58
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This will probably be totally boring, so I'd skip this post unless you want to glimpse inside a teacher's brain during summer.  I just need a place to organize this.

Buy: 7 binders, pencils, pens, 2 pouches, notebook & pen for staff development, shelf for binders, 7 sets of dividers, 7 sets of smaller tabs or flags for subdivisions


  • Curriculum/Bloom's/Assessments

  • Bellwork/Vocabulary/Writing Articles

  • Listening Activities/Worksheets

  • Lesson Plans/Routine/Roster/Seating

  • Progressive Warm Ups, Shifting, Vibrato, Rotating Foci, etc.

  • Mariachi/Honor Orchestra (2 binders)


  • A copy of the Curriculum Map and Pacing Guide.

  • A copy of the Questions and activities in Orchestra based on Bloom's taxonomy.

  • A copy of current rubrics and list of assessments, including the assessment schedule with portfolio due dates.

  • A copy of the "scales" once established by the group.

Bellwork/Vocabulary/Writing Articles

  • A binder of the integration I'm required to do.

  • A list of bellwork questions that progress in order.

  • A list of vocabulary for each grade level.

  • A copy of the writing articles and all the templates they want us to use.

  • A copy of any other hoops I must jump through, including testing/assembly/etc. interruptions log.

Listening Activities/Worksheets

  • All the worksheet's I've created in progressive order and organized by level/skill.

  • All the listening examples and the question(s) corresponding to them for Wednesdays.

  • The composer worksheets will have to be placed in a separate notebook.

Lesson Plans/Routine/Roster/Seating

  • A copy of Sub Plans/General Lesson Plans.

  • A copy of the daily/weekly routine.

  • A copy of the roster and seating chart for each class.

Progressive Warm Ups/Shifting/Vibrato/Etc. (Rotating Foci)

  • A progressive list of activities I do in warm ups in each of the skill categories.  (I may add rational for the specific activity later)

  • A copy of the rotating foci and the dates they are focused on during warm ups/activities/class, etc.

Mariachi/Honor Orchestra

  • A list of the dates in each binder for rehearsals and concerts.

  • Copy of the attire policy.

  • Copy of current literature, including parts.

  • List of previous year's pieces.

  • List of NEKMEA pieces (Orchestra)

  • Identified areas of potential deficits and progressive schedule to achieve success.

  • Spots to work on/what to do next week that popped up post its.

  • Form for needed help: area, piece, measures, section/individual/group (Orchestra)

  • Pencils, pens, pouch for them.  (rosin, picks)

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