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Posted on 2014.07.12 at 01:18
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The human mind is a canvas of beauty.  Some, like my father and brother, chose to express it in drawing while others, like myself, are better at manipulating words and sounds.  Regardless, what is on that canvas is a reflection of the soul.  In the times when I feel small, I retreat to that canvas and look upon it as if some ethereal answer will be realized.  I have not received and answer, but I always leave with inspiration and perhaps that is an answer in and of itself to a question I have forgotten how to ask.

A warm sunset glow,
Water breathing life into the shore,
The footprints disappear,
But we still know.

As the world sleeps,
Stars guard our dreams,
Our memories may fade,
But dreams we keep.

A glimmer of who we are,
Is in everyone we meet,
Though they may leave,
They are with us forever.

And in the darkness there is light,
Timidly behind our silhouette,
Dark cannot diminish light,
 If we turn to face ourselves.

Again we feel the warm breeze,
The familiar joy through our tears,
As love overwhelms,
And the dawn we see.

Random words...but I just needed to write for a bit.  I'm sure I'll add/delete/edit later.  That's what happens when I get an image in my mind and can't get it out...

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