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Yes, it's Quite Warm TYVM

Posted on 2014.02.05 at 16:35
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Okay, I'm tired of being asked the same dumb ass questions.  Usually I don't notice the stares, but sometimes the questions just get old.  To make things easier, this is similar to what I wear when it's really cold or snowing outside:
Mine is not red, but a dark green and has a tara brooch.  It is from Ireland, made of soft and very warm wool, and is one of the few things I have that has a hood.  It also extends a little below my knees rather than the mid-thigh like most coats.

Two things are frequently asked/said:

  1. Nice cape/poncho.

  2. Is that warm enough/aren't you cold/or some variation?

Before we even get started...anyone who knows me would never claim that I am remotely fashion conscious.  I have the same sets of clothes I rotate every year, always have black pants so I don't have to think in the morning, and really couldn't give two shits what is in style or not.  If I could get by wearing scrubs all the time I would because I just don't care.  To think I would wear an outer garment just for fashion makes not a lick of sense.  That said...

First, what do you call it?  Granted it is somewhat a cross between a cape and a cloak depending on who you ask, but it has more in common with a cloak from what I can find.  A poncho is rectangular shaped and came from Latin/South America.  A cape is short, often only covers the back, and typically has no hood.  (During earlier periods in Europe a cape was more like a cloak, just a little shorter.)  A cloak is not something floating behind a superhero as they fly, but a longer, often hooded, garment meant for function more than fashion.  Mine is made in Ireland where it is called a cape due to its earlier definition despite it looking more cloak-like.  I actually thanked someone the other day for calling it a cloak because it pisses me off when people call it a cape/poncho as they typically do it as a snide remark about fighting crime or wanting to stand out.  If "cape" didn't carry such a derogatory sentiment when used I probably wouldn't care.  While it is designed to not look like crap, it is mostly designed to protect the wearer and clothes from the elements and keep him/her warm.

Second, you see me wearing a jacket and then a coat when it starts to get colder...do you really think I'd start wearing a cloak when the snow and bitter cold set in JUST to look different?  I don't wear it to stand out or be cool; I don't give a fuck what you people think when I wear it because I'm not wearing it for you.  I wear it because it's far warmer than any coat I've owned.  It also allows me to move freely rather than a coat that's stiff from all the padding or down.  It's made from wool and it covers most of my body including my head...YES, it's warm.

Someone asked the other day if it was drafty.  I at least understand why you'd ask that question, but no it isn't.  There's plenty of extra material to wrap around and cover most of my arms and sides.

I guess people think I'm weird for wearing it instead of a coat, or that I'm wearing it to stand out/draw attention to myself/etc.  I'm wearing it because it's warm and I'm wondering why the hell you would prefer your skimpy little jacket with a foot of snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures over a warm wool cloak that covers nearly all your body.  Even covered in snow it's warm and unless it's totally soaked, only the outside gets wet.

So go ahead and gawk and stare, go ahead and ask your dumb ass questions and make your snide comments; it has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with staying warm.

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