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Snow Day

Posted on 2014.02.05 at 00:40
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Ponderings and doings of a snow day...

  • Did my taxes.  Thankfully I get a refund, which means I will have a small savings account again.

  • Cooked a real breakfast--potatoes, ham, poblano peppers, oregano, cheese and cilantro.

  • Cooked another recipe I've been wanting to try for over a year--"crack": sugar, butter, saltines, and chocolate.

  • Got caught up on some emails and facebook forums.

  • Got the facts on the snow in Atlanta...and laughed.

  • Saw too many people bitching about the Superbowl's Coca-Cola commercial...society fails.

The thing that was surprising with the whole Atlanta being shut down apocalypse-like...the way people spoke I figured it was just pummeled with snow.  Two inches.  Ok, so I understand they don't have proper plows--or any plows really--but still.  So there was some ice, I get it.  But come on...it isn't like they had no idea the storm was coming.  I mean, that's either supreme laziness to not try to prepare or outright awful planning.  At least cancel school if you have no resources to help the roads and know most people don't know how to drive in snow.  And to those bringing food and water to those stuck in the mess...you couldn't like, drive them somewhere?  I mean, I'm glad you helped but warmth is usually a factor and it might have been fewer trips.  I have two friends in Atlanta and they were appalled by the lack of preparation.  (One of them posted a "plow" that was a tractor with a shovel affixed to the front stating it was about that bad.)  Has testing taken over Atlanta to the point critical thinking is no longer taught?  While I do find it humorous, it is a little disturbing, but mostly humorous.  Meanwhile, we're getting over ten inches and we have people still going to work, roads getting plowed all day, roads being treated, etc.  Granted schools and some businesses are closed, but at least we know how to think ahead in the Midwest, even if it's only a day or two...

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